Fashion Police – Brand Snobbery

Today I’m here to speak up about brand snobbery. This is a topic I actually feel very passionate about as I think I encounter it quite a lot, not only in life, but within the blogging community. It seems that if you don’t regularly shop at Topshop and River Island then you might as well not have a blog, when in reality they’re out of a lot of people’s budgets, even if they’re technically ‘high street prices’.

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Fashion Police – Size Zero Models

Earlier this year I wrote an extended essay for school all about size zero models and their impact on other models and the wider world. When I was writing it I researched into lots of former models who were pushing for more representation on the runway and better health checks within the modelling community to prevent sick, mentally ill and incredibly young models from walking in the shows.

Finally, finally, some designers have taken notice and made amends to their modelling requirements. French groups LVMH and Kering, which own some of the largest designer names out there, such as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, have been the first of their kind to implement rules to this extent with their models.

The new rules state that female models cannot be below a UK size 6, male models cannot be below a UK size XXS, all models must provide a doctors note stating they are healthy and fit to model, all models must be over 16 if being used for adult clothing and those between 16 and 18 must be accompanied by a chaperone if travelling abroad. These rules should encourage a bigger representation of curvier women and plus sized models on the catwalk as well as older models too. Of course, it also ensures that all the people within the modelling community are safe and less likely to develop eating disorders as the need to be stick thin to be a model should slowly fade away.

It should be interesting to see a fashion week where not every show is completely made up of size zero models, like they have been for many years. I hope that this act by LVMH and Kering inspires other big fashion houses to do the same so eventually all catwalks will be more diverse and accepting of every size.

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Why It’s Important To Find Your Signature Style


Up until earlier this year I wasn’t dressing in a way that presented me, my new outlook or my style at all. I have always been interested in fashion but I let the opinions of others affect my style choices instead of going with what I wanted to wear. So, today I’m going to walk you through why I think it’s important to find your signature style.  Continue reading

For The Love Of Lingerie

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Lingerie has become a large part of my life as I not only have a big passion for it, I also want to pursue a career in designing it. I believe that confidence is definitely boosted by a beautiful underwear set and style starts from what’s closest to the skin. This post is going to focus on how to find the perfect underwear for you and why I think investing in underwear is important.

It may come as a surprise that the majority of women in the UK are wearing the wrong bra size, we need to remember that our bodies are constantly growing and changing and your bra size from three years ago probably isn’t your bra size now. Many women find it uncomfortable to go get measured in a shop so here’s a lifesaving explanation on how to find out your bra size from the comfort of your own house.

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  1. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your ribs, just under your boobs. Make a note of this measurement in inches and add 5. This is the ‘number part’ of your bra size, so if this measurement was 29 inches, for instance, you’d add 5 to get 34. If you’re between sizes (say you got 31 inches for example) always size up, you can use the adjustable hooks on the back of the bra to tailor it to fit you.
  2. To work out your cup size you need to measure around your boobs; run the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breasts and make a note of this measurement. Work out the difference between the number you got before and this measurement, if the difference is 1 inches you’re an A cup, if it’s 2 inches you’re a B and so on.

There, wasn’t that easy?

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So, why do I think lingerie is so important? Lingerie empowers us. It makes us feel sexy, beautiful and powerful (and also a bit naughty as no one else knows the true extent of its beauty but us!). The delicacy and intricacy of lingerie excites me and I think nothing compares to going lingerie shopping. You won’t ever see me leaving a lingerie shop without a big smile on my face!

Try it for a week – wear gorgeous matching underwear sets everyday for an entire week and I promise you you’ll feel more confident and happy. You get an instant boost by putting them on, looking in the mirror and thinking ‘damn, I look good’ and that feeling continues throughout the day.

Lingerie isn’t just there to keep you modest, nor is it just for the enjoyment of your partner, lingerie is there for you. Making yourself feel happy and confident should be your main priority and I think investing in good underwear is the best way to do that.

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Products included in this post:

Black bra – here // Black knickers – here // Turquoise bra – can’t link, sorry 😦 // Pink bra – here // Pink knickers – here

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What Not To Wear To A Festival

This post was originally going to be called ‘what to wear to a festival’ but after attending Penn Fest and practically drowning in mud I had to admit my mistakes and decided to warn you all not to follow in my footsteps!


1. Don’t wear white shoes!

Okay, yes this should have been an obvious one, but as you all saw in my shoe collection video over on YouTube (here) I’m not really a trainer sort of person so white converse was all I had to work with. I say white, now they’re so caked in mud I doubt they’ll ever be able to be called that again…

2. Wear wellies!

If there’s even the slightest bit of rain you’re practically guaranteed to be drowning in mud. By the end of the night we were basically swimming around the field as we trekked through mud that was at least 3 inches deep. Wearing wellies would have made my life a lot easier I assure you. There are actually some very fashionable ones that you can get (examples here and here).

3. Don’t wear shorts!

If you can, try and stay clear of shorts. I don’t even want to think about what my legs looked like at the end of the night, I don’t think I’d ever seen legs so covered in mud! That definitely could have been avoided by wearing trousers and keeping my legs protected.


I did do some things right! I definitely recommend wearing a poncho, I wore a cheap one (the type you can get from practically any theme park) but you can get more stylish ones; Boohoo even offer them (here)! There were also some girls wearing transparent macs (like this), I thought these looked gorgeous, the more stylish alternative to a poncho. The poncho kept me dry and also protected me if I fell over in the mud (which thankfully I managed not to do).

I’d also recommend bringing your things in a backpack as it’s much easier to carry round than a handbag, you don’t want to be in a large crowd whilst lugging around a handbag.



What I’m wearing:

Top – here / Shorts – here / Shoes – here

Are you guys attending any festivals this year? Tell me in the comments below!

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Models With Stretchmarks


I was over the moon when I saw tweets and articles online about ASOS’s decision to include models showing off their stretchmarks on their website. Stretchmarks are a part of our bodies just as much as our arms or legs, so why are they being hidden?


By covering them up we are being taught that they are somehow wrong and deserve to be hidden away, when in actual fact they are a physical sign of how we are growing and becoming beautiful people. The majority of people will get at least one stretch mark throughout puberty then gain more when pregnant or through natural weight gain in their life and that’s okay. They are nothing to be ashamed of!


These models look stunning showing off their natural beauty and an important part of being a woman. Their tiger stripes, as I like to call them, look great with their bikinis and doesn’t take away from their ability to be a model at all.

I’m so proud of ASOS for breaking out of this modelling mould and I hope that other brands follow suit. Embrace your stretchmarks!

Love Chloe x

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