An Instagrammer’s Guide To Lagos

Lagos, a small town in The Algarve, Portugal, is perfect for those picturesque holiday snaps as there’s just so many instagrammable places you could practically take a photo at every street corner. From old, cobbled streets to a gorgeous marina, Lagos is the perfect backdrop to give your followers holiday envy.

The Marina



The beautiful marina is a no brainer when naming pretty places in Lagos as it is a stunning place complete with a whole load of different boats and the bright, shimmering Mediterranean Sea. With two levels of shops and restaurants running the edge of it you can get multiple angles for photos; both from the lower level looking over the water or walking down a jetty and from the comfort of a table or balcony on the second tier. This place gives off serious Monaco vibes with all the boats, though there’s quite a few less billion pound yachts here in Lagos!

The Old Town

Lagos is split into two parts, the old and new town. The old town, full of cobbled streets and quaint historical Portugese buildings is a blogger’s dream for the Mediterranean vibe in a photo. It’s easy to find a quiet side street to take photos, I’d definitely recommend exploring the old town to find the perfect spot (plus this means you’ll probably, almost definitely, need to stop for an ice cream at some point, what a catastrophe eh?).

The old town is jammed full of cute cafés and quirky little restaurants perfect for those food snaps. The outdoor seating is also great for shots of you sitting down or candidly sipping on a drink whilst showing off an outfit.

As well as its cobbled streets and cute little cafés the old town also has a massive town square with lots of stone steps to sit on and beautiful view over the bay. This usually gets quite busy though so I’d aim to get here quite early in the morning so that it’s clearer so you can get the perfect shot.

The New Town


The new town also offers some great photo opportunities, with large apartment building walls boasting colourful street art this could really work if you have a more edgier, fun aesthetic. Skeleton street art is just one example of the hidden treasures dotted around Lagos, perfect for creating a backdrop for outfit shots.

Ponta Da Piedade

Just outside of Lagos there is a gorgeous cliff formation called Ponta da Piedade which is great for picturesque photos sat on a rock looking out across the horizon, or if you climb down the steps to the waters edge, a photo with wild waves in the background. The vibrant orange rock creates a bold background for photos, which depending on your aesthetic, can be a very good thing.

All in all, Lagos is a very beautiful town at the far end of the Algarve which I really recommend you visit!

Love Chloe x

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