Why It’s Important To Find Your Signature Style


Up until earlier this year I wasn’t dressing in a way that presented me, my new outlook or my style at all. I have always been interested in fashion but I let the opinions of others affect my style choices instead of going with what I wanted to wear. So, today I’m going to walk you through why I think it’s important to find your signature style. 

For me, my signature style has to be a very classy, polished and somewhat ‘prim and proper’ style. I love to wear pink, blush, white and other pastel shades to create a very sleek and mature look. The other day I walked into F&F in Tesco, a shop I used to disregard as a place full of ‘mom clothes’, and found loads of pretty pieces. I no longer see these clothes as ‘mumsy’, instead I see them for what they are – stylish and classy. If that doesn’t sum up the transition of my style I don’t know what does!

Finding your signature style is a very personal journey – I think there’s a few things you need to think about.

What kind of image are you trying to create?

For me I knew I was trying to look very classy and fancy so I chose skirts and blouses over, for example, crop tops and tiny shorts. However, there are lots of different styles you could be aiming for – do you want to look hipster? Hippy inspired? Sporty? For instance, if you’re going for a hipster look then ripped jeans, wide legged trousers and denim jackets would be right up your street. I recommend searching Instagram for fashion icons or fashion bloggers that you think best suit your style and seeing what kind of clothes they wear.

What colours should you wear?

There are two parts to this question; firstly, what colours suit your skin tone and hair colour? For me, I know that luminous orange and yellow would wash me out, but if you’re someone with a tan (I’m jealous if you are) or have naturally olive skin then these colours could work wonders for you. Also, what colours work for the style you’re aiming for? To create a sleek and mature style I aim for soft, pastel colours as these create a high end vibe and also look very pretty and feminine. However, for other styles a monochrome palette may work better or a colourful clothes palette would work best for a fun, youthful style.

How can you incorporate this style into your life?

It’s important to find a signature style that will work for every aspect of your life, from pyjamas to coats. I invested in pink silky pyjamas so that I embody the style I want when I’m in bed and the same mentality carries on out to my classic long line coats. Try and find/think of casual outfits, occasion outfits, pyjamas, coats, shoes and bags that will work with your style all year round so that you will be able to build up your personal style for every occasion over time. I assure you – you will feel immediately more confident when dressed how you want to!

With those questions answered you should be able to whittle down what your signature style is. Don’t worry – this can take time and your signature style will be defined over many months, maybe even years, until you find the style that is you. Also, remember it’s hard financially to suddenly invest in a whole new wardrobe so don’t pressure yourself, instead build up your wardrobe over time and add to it if and when you can.

You can have a browse through my Pinterest board of my signature style here, if my style is similar to yours. It’s full of outfit posts and my style icons! There are also lots of outfits included in this post which feature elsewhere on my blog so make sure you’re up to date on my other posts.

Clothes featured in this post that I am able to link (in chronological order)  – Floral Midi Dress – here // Navy Trousers – here // Navy Wedges – here // Nude Shorts – here // Pink Neck Tie – here // Floral Dip Hem Skirt – here // White Block Heels – here // White Eyelet Top – here // Blue Ripped Jeans – here // Blue Gingham Dress – here

What would you class as your personal style? Tell me in the comments below!

Love Chloe x

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