Outfit Diaries – A Walk In The Park


Autumn is the perfect time for strolling through the park, admiring the gorgeous trees turning from vibrant green into hues of red and gold. I’ve always loved walking in my local park but it’s even better come autumn time as it feels even more beautiful than usual.


As my boyfriend Tom and I set out for relaxed Sunday stroll through the park I channelled the colours of autumn into my outfit and donned my new wine coloured cord skirt. I mentioned that I was searching for a cord skirt in my October Wishlist and I managed to find one in Primark. Unfortunately Primark don’t have an online shop but I’ve found alternatives here and here.


I paired this gorgeous (and very, very comfortable) skirt with a wine coloured floral top with a black cami top underneath. The top was also from Primark but I’ve found an alternative here.


I finished off the look with a camel coloured tailored coat, a necessity for autumn, and black chelsea boots, which I basically live in at this time of year. They’re so versatile and practical I believe that everyone should have a pair!


This was a stylish, yet practical, outfit for my autumnal park adventure and I can’t wait to spend another day exploring the acres of beauty in my local park.

Love Chloe x

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Fashion Police – Brand Snobbery

Today I’m here to speak up about brand snobbery. This is a topic I actually feel very passionate about as I think I encounter it quite a lot, not only in life, but within the blogging community. It seems that if you don’t regularly shop at Topshop and River Island then you might as well not have a blog, when in reality they’re out of a lot of people’s budgets, even if they’re technically ‘high street prices’.

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How To Feel Confident On Camera


Feeling confident on camera is something I’m learning to do, I’m not going to lie I haven’t found it very easy, but I’m going to share some pieces of wisdom I’ve picked up along the way. As someone who isn’t overly body confident having to take multiple photos in outfits where the main focus was on my body and what I was wearing I wasn’t really a fan. I’ve been known to go over and over photos after a photoshoot, scrutinising every detail until I hate every single one. Obviously that’s not a good way to go about things and I saw that I needed to try and work on it.

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Outfit Under £40 – The Perfect Summer Outfit


Yes, I know for the rest of the world jeans aren’t perfect for summer but this is Britain okay? Recently the summer has been more like winter and I’ve had to adapt. With a brief bit of sunshine I ran out into my garden and took some much needed blog photos in this really pretty outfit.

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Why It’s Important To Treat Yourself


You are a very important person and making sure that you’re well looked after should be the number one priority in your life. Everyone needs a little treating every now and then, here’s why it’s important. Continue reading

Outfit Diary – Sophie’s Birthday Party


As most of you probably know I have a sister called Sophie who has actually literally just turned 15; this is going up as a birthday post for her so it would be lovely if you could wish her a happy birthday in the comments!



She looked gorgeous at her birthday party on Saturday wearing this urban chic style outfit complete with a pink crushed velvet crop top, embroidered jeans and some low block pink heels which you might recognise, as she actually borrowed them off me (perks of having a sister who’s a fashion blogger!).



This pretty crushed velvet crop top from H&M is perfect for the summer weather we’ve been having as it’s light and breathable. Crushed velvet and velour (which is very similar) has been all over the shops recently so it’s bang on trend, plus, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, I love the baby pink colour!



Just like Sophie I’ve fallen head over heels for these jeans; even though they’re not strictly my style the ornate embroidery and perfectly placed rips make my heart go all funny. They look so high end and you probably won’t believe me when I say that Sophie actually found these in Primark. Yes, you heard me right, Primark. Can you believe it!? These jeans are stunning and they really complete the outfit.



I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Sophie looks absolutely stunning. All that’s really left to say is happy birthday Lil Bit!

Love Chloe x

Primark Haul


I’ve put up a video on my YouTube channel showing off all the clothes I got from Primark the last couple of times I’ve been and thought I’d write a blog post to offer a bit more information on what I picked up.


Blouse: £6

This gorgeous white sleeveless blouse would look perfect with high waisted shorts or a skirt. The frills down the front are definitely on trend and this creates a perfectly classy, beautiful look. The short sleeves with frilly edge are really feminine and I can think of so many outfits to put this blouse into.


Jeans: £9

I’ve been searching for so long for the perfect pair of white jeans that aren’t too see through or wide, particularly round the ankle. This pair from Primark are perfect and their gorgeous high waist is extremely flattering; I’ve never found jeans from Primark that suit me before but these are simply lovely!


Trousers: £9

I’m not usually a trousers person I’ve got to admit so I was quite hesitant buying these but I was pleasantly surprised. These really lengthen my leg (which is amazing if you’re only 5’2!) and they look so tailored to be so cheap. I may have actually been converted to the trouser life, can you believe it?


Playsuit: £6

This gorgeous light coloured floral playsuit is perfect for the summer time and at only £6 it’s an absolute steal! You could wear this in the daytime or style it up for the nighttime, it’s just so cute.


Playsuit: £6 

This is another £6 playsuit and it’s just as gorgeous. The Bardot top makes it perfect for summer as it shows off a little skin whilst remaining classy and pretty. The colours in this are so vibrant I think it’s simply beautiful.


Pyjamas: £10 set / £5 each

I’m sorry but how adorable is this pyjama set? I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when I saw these, they look such good quality and so, so fancy. The lace trimming and gorgeous, silky material is just perfect and I feel so beautiful wearing them.

Lingerie: £10 set / £5 each

I’m a self confessed lingerieaholic so it came as no surprise that I couldn’t resist buying this gorgeous set. The tan coloured lace is to die for and the intricately detailed racerback left me fangirling (just a tiny, tiny bit I promise). The bottoms are a thong which is always handy when you don’t want any knicker lines to show through if you’re wearing tight clothes; I just love this set! (Head over to my haul video to have a look at this set!)


Brogues: £8

These brogues were mentioned in my April Wishlist and I finally got them! They’re just as beautiful as I’d hoped theyd be and it’s definitely fair to say that I’ve fallen in love. They’re so slim fitting, which is a life saver if you have skinny feet like me, and they look so high end. Perfect shoes for lots of my pretty pink outfits!

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