Taylor Swift


One of my biggest idols, not only for her impeccable fashion sense, but also for her amazing personality and talent is Taylor Swift. She always looks so impossibly stunning, even when she’s dressing very casually and her style has evolved so much she’s honestly covered every kind of look I’d ever wear over the past few years. I have made a collection of posts with her as the focus as my style icon, I hope you enjoy!



March Wishlist

We’re heading towards Spring but the weather is still somewhat cool, especially if you’re living in rainy old England, so it’s time to still wrap up warm in cardigans and jumpers but slowly introduce lighter, springtime colours. This month I’m on the lookout for a few things, of course I’ll update you on what I found at the start of next month’s wishlist!

1. A skirt to pair with my pink blouse

I’m in desperate need of a skirt to pair with a gorgeous baby pink blouse I bought recently; I was thinking of aiming for a floral, skater style one but I’m up for anything that takes my fancy.

2. Cardigans, cardigans and more cardigans!

I need more cardigans in my life I’ve decided, whether this means buying new cardigans or digging around for old cardigans that I can bring into my new style I need Spring coloured cardigans! I’m going to look for a pink one preferably as my main aim for this year is to introduce more pink into my wardrobe, though any light colour would do.

3. A Victoriana style lacy top or blouse

I’ve seen a few of these intricately detailed tops around and I’ve fallen in love. I think they’d really suit my style as they’re very prim and proper looking whilst remaining young and girly. Im yet to find one cheap enough for me to consider buying but it’s on my wishlist!

So, what did I manage to find from my September wishlist?

I know it’s been a while but I did promise to update you on what I found!

I found a gorgeous, scallop edged suedette skirt from PrettyLittleThing.com that I absolutely adore. Not only is it suede and a beautiful shape, it is also a pretty pink colour, which makes it even better!

I bought an extremely sophisticated, classy pussybow blouse from Forever 21 which looks really nice paired with the skirt I mentioned before. It’s white with black detailing and I’ve since paired it with many skirts in my wardrobe.

Over the winter period I’ve worn the black Chelsea boots I bought from Primark to death, I swear they were the addition to every outfit, I don’t know how I survived without them!

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a bardot top with a choker that I really liked but I could perhaps search again come the summer months. I also never managed to find the perfect pair of blue skinny jeans; I must have tried on every pair in a 100 mile radius!

That covers everything from last month’s wishlist, more next month!