The Perfect Winter Coat

The time has come to start searching for that perfect winter coat. It’s such a fulfilling feeling finding that beautiful new coat which you know you’ll wear to death throughout the season. I’m on the hunt for mine, as I’m sure you are too. I’ve collected a few different coats to try and find the perfect winter coat.


This stunning suede coat from Forever 21 is a season must have; not only does it incorporate the suede trend that is so in style this autumn but is also the perfect shape to match any outfit. The camel, brown colour is so gorgeous and I can think of so many combinations of clothing I could match it with. It’s so versatile and eye catching I need it in my life!


This navy trench coat from H&M is so classy and smart, I love it! It fits in with the nautical themes in fashion this season while also forming a very complementary silhouette. This could honestly be paired with anything from jeans to a dress which makes it a perfect winter coat.


This baby blue coat from New Look is gorgeous. Although the colour initially appears to be more Spring themed I think it can definitely be incorporated into your winter wardrobe. Paired with a cute pastel winter outfit this would look stunning!

I will update you all on my perfect winter coat once I actually find it, so expect more soon.


Nautical Fashion

Nautical inspired fashion has become very big this season; in particular sailor stripe skirts and long navy coats. I think that these kind of pieces always look so undeniably nice, classy and flattering, I adore nautical fashion!

One of the biggest examples I can think of for this particular trend is Gigi Hadid’s collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. Every single piece in the collection is stunning but it’s all so expensive it honestly makes me want to cry (why can’t I be a millionaire?!)

I’m going to talk about my favourite nautical inspired pieces from the collection as well as some cheaper options!


This is probably my favourite piece in the collection, the navy coat. The brass buttons down the front really add a vintage, classic look and the shape of the coat is beyond flattering. The wide collar creates such a chic style and this coat could honestly be paired with anything and everything.


How sailor chic is this? (The answer is 100%). It’s so classy and I think you would actually feel like a sailor after walking round in this all day without even having to step one foot in a boat, which is quite a deal if you ask me. Paired with high waisted jeans, possibly flared, you’ll create a sophisticated yet fun look. You could even add a little bit more eccentricity to the outfit and add a sailor hat to the outfit like Gigi has to create the full nautical look.


If you’re looking for just a splash of nautical glamour in your look then the bodysuit is probably just right. Its simplistic, yet classic, design is so effortlessly chic I love it. Paired with jeans or shorts this bodysuit would look stunning!


This navy and white striped bodysuit from Topshop is still nautical inspired but very wearable. Paired with high waisted jeans or high waisted buttoned shorts you would create a very stylish, sailor inspired outfit.


This kimono style nautical inspired top from ASOS is so beautiful, I love the shape of it! Although this is quite summery the sheer amount of style it gives off is enough to earn it a place in this list.

I’m definitely going to try and take this nautical trend into my autumn/winter wardrobe, it’s honestly one of my favourite styles!

All photos are credit to respective owners (Tommy Hilfiger, Topshop and ASOS)


Why Is Freddy My Style Icon?

Freddy Cousin-Brown, also known as FreddyMyLove, is a Youtuber and blogger from England (like me!). I’ve been following her for ages and from the moment I watched her first video I fell in love with her classy sense of style; it’s out of this world. Everything she wears makes her look so sophisticated, girly and pretty, I wish I could just have her entire wardrobe!

I’ve attached some photos of my favourite outfits that she’s posted online, of course all photos belong to Freddy, I’m just using them to showcase her fabulous fashion sense.


Playsuits are literally my favourite things in the world and this one is just so gorgeous. The pale pink background is perfect for summer (although I agree with Freddy, pink can definitely be worn all year round). The contrasting dark coloured floral pattern still keeps it girly while adding detail and depth to the piece. Pairing the playsuit with sunglasses keeps it so effortlessly beautiful, this outfit is simply perfect for heading to the beach!


I love, love, love this Burberry coat and scarf. They’re both beyond beautiful and paired together just look absolutely amazing. This look is actually quite simple, especially with the plain white dress, but with such statement pieces that doesn’t matter. The simplicity and coordination of this outfit ties it all together. I’ve actually got a coat similar to this one, unfortunately it’s not Burberry…maybe someday!


This outfit just proves that pink can be worn throughout the winter season in the form of this gorgeously girly pink coat (it just looks so soft!). The fur collar and pink buttons down the front add subtle details to make this coat extra special. This will definitely make you stand out throughout the winter season but I think Freddy pulls it off perfectly.


This is probably my favourite outfit that Freddy has ever worn. I adore the colours, the eggshell blue is so classic and beautiful. I’ve probably said beautiful far too many times this post, but it’s true! The silky shorts look so classy and really remind of the 1950s, especially with the large bow at the front. The dusky rose of the shorts and blue of the top and bag work perfectly together to create a muted, yet still summery, colour scheme. Everything about the outfit is perfect; from the lace trim of the top to the gorgeous gold trim on the bag. Ahh I just love it!

I’m sure you can see why I have completely fallen in love with Freddy’s impeccable sense of style and her adorable outfits. Honestly my goal in life is to dress as classy and perfect as she does. I’ll be making more posts about Freddy Cousin-Brown as my style icon including clothing that I think suit her style and an outfit I will put together inspired by her, they’ll all be coming soon! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

Here are Freddy’s social media accounts:

YouTube – FreddyMyLove
Instagram – freddycousinbrown
Twitter – FreddyMyLovee
Snapchat – FreddyMyLovee

September 2016 Wishlist

This is a list of all the things I’m searching for in September 2016.  I’ll be looking for these beauties to complete my looks and add to my wardrobe as we begin to transition into autumn. I will tell you all how much of it I managed to get at the start of next month’s wishlist.

1. Blouse with a pussycat bow

I’m in love with pussycat bows coming back into style as I think they’re so classic and elegant, I feel so sophisticated when I’m wearing a nice blouse with pussybow detail. I’m aiming for a black and white blouse, preferably with a black bow but I also wouldn’t mind a coloured blouse, perhaps dusky rose or burgundy. I’d pair this blouse with a skater skirt, tights and boots to make a wintery, grown up outfit feel a little more girly. If I found a blouse made of a material like chiffon or something similar I could possibly wear a bralette underneath to incorporate the underwear as outerwear trend without going too over the top.

2. Bardot top with choker

Although bardot tops are seen as a more summery thing I feel like I could possibly find one to last well into the autumn months. I’m aiming for a suedette, long sleeved bardot top with a matching choker. I’ve seen this look all over the place online and I think it just looks so pretty, I’ve been searching for one for a while so it’s definitely on my wishlist.

3. Blue skinny jeans

Shocking fact about me, I don’t own any dark blue jeans. I’m definitely more of a black skinny jeans kind of girl but I have a sudden desire to get some high waisted, medium blue, super skinny jeans that I can pair with a large variety of outfits. My jean collection is rather small as up until a couple of years ago when I went through the classic teenage, borderline emo phase and bought some staple black skinny jeans, I absolutely hated jeans with a passion. My best friend honestly couldn’t believe it when she saw me in jeans for the first time! I think the problem was I could never find a good getting pair of jeans so just assumed that all jeans were frumpy and uncomfortable but now I know what to look for I’m excited to find some blue jeans.

4. Suedette mini skirt

Mini skirts are possibly the most gorgeous thing in the entire world and I’m honestly addicted, that’s why I’m so surprised that I don’t actually own a suede one yet. I adore the trend of buttoned up skirts so I’d prefer one like that, probably in burgundy or brown as lots of my outfits are those colours. I can definitely see myself wearing it with cute patterned tights and boots all through the winter months.

5. Black Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are such a classic, staple item that I’m actually ashamed to say I don’t have a pair. This year I’m determined to find a nice black pair that I can wear with a great number of outfits whether it be jeans or tights and a skirt.

What’s Trending Right Now – Autumn/Fall 2016

This autumn is all about different fabrics and textures to really add that special touch to your outfit; go for satin, silk, velvet and leather to really stay on trend. At the minute I’m looking for a gorgeous satin slip dress, which also incorporates the popular look of underwear as outerwear. As someone who hopes to design lingerie in the future this trend is especially exciting for me as I find underwear just so intricate and beautiful and now you’re telling me I can wear it as clothes? Perfect!

Dress – Lipsy

Dress –

Skirt – New Look

Dress –
I’ve attached pictures of some pieces that are currently on sale in different stores that suit this trend completely. Velvet dresses always look extremely classy and luxurious whilst being irresistible to touch (it’s just so soft!). This particular one from Lipsy also has a gorgeous open back with bow detail which takes it to a whole other level. Satin is a bit more provocative than velvet whilst remaining classy and sophisticated, also the shape of slip dresses is also so complementary to any body shape, the dusky pink colour of this one from is just stunning. I adore little mini skirts and, thankfully, they’re all the rage this season. This leather one from the ever amazing New Look is just stunning, I like the fact that it’s quite plain without any zips or buckles so that it can be paired with a large variety of things. I’d personally pair this with a plain coloured jumper, tights and ankle boots to keep you warm but always looking chic in the colder months to come. The silky floor length dress, again from, is just so stunning I had to include it; it’s perfect for any parties throughout this season, perhaps paired with a cream or champagne fur coat. Plus, it’s certainly going to make you feel like a princess walking round in it!

Here is where to find all the products I mentioned:
Velvet dressHere!
Satin dressHere!
Leather skirtHere!
Silky dressHere!

(All photo credit to owners)