Pixi Beauty Wishlist

When people think of popular skincare brands Pixi is a brand that often comes to mind as many of their products are practically staple pieces in lots of beauty blogger and YouTuber’s collections. So, when I thought of doing a blog post on a skincare my first thought was to base it around Pixi. At the minute I don’t own any Pixi products but they’re definitely on my wishlist. I’ve made a list of the products I can’t wait to own. Click on the products to shop!

Glow Tonic

The classic Pixi product to buy is the ever popular Glow Tonic, which exfoliates your skin and leaves you looking healthier and brighter. Glow Tonic, according to other users, leads to clearer skin and as someone who suffers with breakouts this sounds very inviting! 

Makeup Fixing Mist

Makeup setting spray is always an amazing investment and this one, which smells of rose water and aloe vera, sounds heavenly. As well as fixing makeup in place the aloe vera in this product nourishes skin and keeps it rejuvenated all day.

Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloth

I don’t tend to use makeup wipes when I’m at home but they’re practically a necessity when travelling so these have to appear on my wishlist. Makeup wipes, in my opinion, never seem to get all of my makeup off but from the reviews on these cleansing cloths they sound a lot better than normal makeup wipes. Also the chamomile in them leaves skin feeling soft and nourished.

Flawless & Poreless Primer

I’m always on the hunt for a great, oil free primer which will moisturise my skin without making it look oily underneath my makeup and this one by Pixi which smoothed skin sounds perfect. It will cover my spots and imperfections whilst stopping me from shining. Unlike most of Pixi’s products this isn’t focused on glowing, dewy skin, which I think suits my skin type much better.

Quick Fix Powder

This translucent powder sounds so weightless and perfecting, plus it has amazing reviews. I’ve been wanting to invest in a translucent powder for some time and this sounds like a great one to buy. Translucent powder is perfect for smoothing and creating an airbrushed effect, a look I’m very into it, but that’s hard to achieve without looking cakey. I have high hopes for this one though!

That concludes my Pixi wishlist, hopefully sometime soon I’ll be able to add all of these products to my beauty collection. 

All photos of course belong to Pixi.