Sheer Clothes

Everywhere you look in the shops currently there are sheer clothes on every single rail! The trend is so pretty and sexy in a tasteful, classy way and it’s a great way to incorporate the underwear as outerwear trend into your look by pairing a sheer top with a bralette. I’ve collected a few of my favourites that I’ve seen on the high street and online which I think really showcase the trend the best. 

First up is this gorgeous sheer floral dress from, the colours in this are absolutely beautiful. This is the perfect Spring time dress as it’s just so light and pretty. The midi length is an extremely flattering, sexy length and I really like the way the sheer material carries on beyond the pink underdress. So, so pretty!

This sheer, polka dot bardot top is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the summertime. It looks so light and easy to move in and would look amazing paired with jeans or denim shorts. This looks so clean and relaxed, I absolutely love it! I do really like bardot tops, though they do tend to pop up over my shoulders which can get quite annoying. 

This top captures the underwear as outerwear trend perfectly as it showcases any bras or bralettes you put underneath it. The frills are right on trend and this too could be paired with so many things it is extremely versatile and in style. The grey colour has an almost violet tinge and the polka dot detail adds a delicate edge. 

This gorgeous, gorgeous dress is perfect if you’re not feeling brave enough to take the sheer clothing trend head on. The delicate, sheer sleeves add a little splash of intricate detail across the top of the dress and the baby blue colour is so pretty and perfect; I think I’ve fallen in love!

I think this small collection of clothes showcases the sheer clothing trend which is just so in right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick something up like this to add to my own wardrobe sometime soon.

Embroidered Everything

Embroidery has hit the fashion world by storm this season and, like many fashion lovers, I’ve fallen in love with it. I’ll admit I wasn’t too sure at first; it’s a bold trend that’s very 90s inspired which is a style I don’t usually carry off very well. I typically dress very prim and proper, which this style definitely isn’t, but I actually really like it.

Whether it’s embroidered jeans, sheer tops with embroidered details or shoes with embroidered heels I’m attracted to the intricate detail they have and this trend is a real winner in my eyes. I’ve collected some of my favourite embroidered pieces I’ve seen in the shops that I think really capture the trend.

Cardigan – New Look
I really like the intricate detail on this cardigan and the fact that even though it is so heavily adorned with embroidery it still manages to look incredibly comfortable. I like the blend of colours used in the embroidery as it’s very soft on the eye while still using very bold, vibrant colours. It’s very wearable as you could through this on over a top and jeans or even with a day dress so converts the trend into a very casual style.

Shirt – Forever 21
This shirt showcases the embroidered trend in a very subtle, pretty way. I think floral embroidery is the most common, pretty way to show off this trend as shown here on the collar. This is perfect for those who don’t want to be too over the top with the embroidery as this isn’t too in your face or brave. This would look nice tucked into a pair of jeans or even with a red skirt.

Skirt – New Look
The embroidered skirts I’ve seen have always looked incredibly pretty, I actually own a skirt that’s very similar to this one. The floral embroidery on this is so feminine and detailed I really like it, especially the pink and baby blue colour scheme. This would look pretty paired with blouses or even a top and cardigan.

This trend seems to be gaining popularity and as it’s so versatile I can see it continuing far into summer and perhaps even Autumn. It is such a pretty, yet strong, trend and I love it!

You can find the products I’ve mentioned here:

Cardigan – Here
Shirt – Here
Skirt – Here

All photos belong to respective owners.

The Perfect Winter Coat

The time has come to start searching for that perfect winter coat. It’s such a fulfilling feeling finding that beautiful new coat which you know you’ll wear to death throughout the season. I’m on the hunt for mine, as I’m sure you are too. I’ve collected a few different coats to try and find the perfect winter coat.


This stunning suede coat from Forever 21 is a season must have; not only does it incorporate the suede trend that is so in style this autumn but is also the perfect shape to match any outfit. The camel, brown colour is so gorgeous and I can think of so many combinations of clothing I could match it with. It’s so versatile and eye catching I need it in my life!


This navy trench coat from H&M is so classy and smart, I love it! It fits in with the nautical themes in fashion this season while also forming a very complementary silhouette. This could honestly be paired with anything from jeans to a dress which makes it a perfect winter coat.


This baby blue coat from New Look is gorgeous. Although the colour initially appears to be more Spring themed I think it can definitely be incorporated into your winter wardrobe. Paired with a cute pastel winter outfit this would look stunning!

I will update you all on my perfect winter coat once I actually find it, so expect more soon.

Nautical Fashion

Nautical inspired fashion has become very big this season; in particular sailor stripe skirts and long navy coats. I think that these kind of pieces always look so undeniably nice, classy and flattering, I adore nautical fashion!

One of the biggest examples I can think of for this particular trend is Gigi Hadid’s collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. Every single piece in the collection is stunning but it’s all so expensive it honestly makes me want to cry (why can’t I be a millionaire?!)

I’m going to talk about my favourite nautical inspired pieces from the collection as well as some cheaper options!


This is probably my favourite piece in the collection, the navy coat. The brass buttons down the front really add a vintage, classic look and the shape of the coat is beyond flattering. The wide collar creates such a chic style and this coat could honestly be paired with anything and everything.


How sailor chic is this? (The answer is 100%). It’s so classy and I think you would actually feel like a sailor after walking round in this all day without even having to step one foot in a boat, which is quite a deal if you ask me. Paired with high waisted jeans, possibly flared, you’ll create a sophisticated yet fun look. You could even add a little bit more eccentricity to the outfit and add a sailor hat to the outfit like Gigi has to create the full nautical look.


If you’re looking for just a splash of nautical glamour in your look then the bodysuit is probably just right. Its simplistic, yet classic, design is so effortlessly chic I love it. Paired with jeans or shorts this bodysuit would look stunning!


This navy and white striped bodysuit from Topshop is still nautical inspired but very wearable. Paired with high waisted jeans or high waisted buttoned shorts you would create a very stylish, sailor inspired outfit.


This kimono style nautical inspired top from ASOS is so beautiful, I love the shape of it! Although this is quite summery the sheer amount of style it gives off is enough to earn it a place in this list.

I’m definitely going to try and take this nautical trend into my autumn/winter wardrobe, it’s honestly one of my favourite styles!

All photos are credit to respective owners (Tommy Hilfiger, Topshop and ASOS)


What’s Trending Right Now – Autumn/Fall 2016

This autumn is all about different fabrics and textures to really add that special touch to your outfit; go for satin, silk, velvet and leather to really stay on trend. At the minute I’m looking for a gorgeous satin slip dress, which also incorporates the popular look of underwear as outerwear. As someone who hopes to design lingerie in the future this trend is especially exciting for me as I find underwear just so intricate and beautiful and now you’re telling me I can wear it as clothes? Perfect!

Dress – Lipsy

Dress –

Skirt – New Look

Dress –
I’ve attached pictures of some pieces that are currently on sale in different stores that suit this trend completely. Velvet dresses always look extremely classy and luxurious whilst being irresistible to touch (it’s just so soft!). This particular one from Lipsy also has a gorgeous open back with bow detail which takes it to a whole other level. Satin is a bit more provocative than velvet whilst remaining classy and sophisticated, also the shape of slip dresses is also so complementary to any body shape, the dusky pink colour of this one from is just stunning. I adore little mini skirts and, thankfully, they’re all the rage this season. This leather one from the ever amazing New Look is just stunning, I like the fact that it’s quite plain without any zips or buckles so that it can be paired with a large variety of things. I’d personally pair this with a plain coloured jumper, tights and ankle boots to keep you warm but always looking chic in the colder months to come. The silky floor length dress, again from, is just so stunning I had to include it; it’s perfect for any parties throughout this season, perhaps paired with a cream or champagne fur coat. Plus, it’s certainly going to make you feel like a princess walking round in it!

Here is where to find all the products I mentioned:
Velvet dressHere!
Satin dressHere!
Leather skirtHere!
Silky dressHere!

(All photo credit to owners)