How I Embrace My Pale Skin


I’m one of those people who is almost always the lightest shade of foundation, who can look washed out even in white and gets burnt to a crisp the minute I step one foot out in sunshine. I’m as pale as can be and in a society where having a tan is so glorified it’s often hard to remember that my pale skin is beautiful too.

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Summer Fashion Favourites

I’m actually still in holiday mode, I travel back the day this goes live, but for most people summer has practically already finished and they’re now moving on to purchasing transitional and autumnal pieces. I thought I’d use the end of season to give a round up of my fashion favourites over the last few summer months. These are the things I’ve been wearing constantly and what I keep reaching for in my wardrobe; if I can I’ll include photos of me wearing the products. I’m planning to do this style of post for the end of each season to give you an update on what I’ve been wearing.

White Shoes

First up has to be my white block heels (you’d never have guessed!). I’m sure you’re all bored to death about these because I’ve included them on my blog so many times but they’ve honestly become my go-to shoes. I bought them in late June and have practically worn them ever since! The price per wear for these honestly has to be about 20p by now I swear. See these in action here, here and here.


I love simple day dresses which I can just throw on and have a ready made outfit and this blue gingham one from H&M is no exception. I’ve worn it loads for going out shopping or going to the park as it’s so comfortable and cute. See it in a blog post here.

Chloe Bag Dupe

My Chloe Drew Bag dupe from SheIn has become my staple bag over the past few months. It’s the perfect size for holding my essentials on a daily basis and is definitely small enough to carry around all day. The flower detail adds a little extra to it which makes it a bit more unique and less like an exact replica of a Chloe bag. See it here and here.

Those have been my top three worn pieces this season. What have you been wearing all summer long?

Love Chloe x

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How To Feel Confident On Camera

How To Feel Confident On Camera


Feeling confident on camera is something I’m learning to do, I’m not going to lie I haven’t found it very easy, but I’m going to share some pieces of wisdom I’ve picked up along the way. As someone who isn’t overly body confident having to take multiple photos in outfits where the main focus was on my body and what I was wearing I wasn’t really a fan. I’ve been known to go over and over photos after a photoshoot, scrutinising every detail until I hate every single one. Obviously that’s not a good way to go about things and I saw that I needed to try and work on it.

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Why The Sea Is My Happy Place


I’ve always found the sea very relaxing, it’s one of the most beautiful things on Earth and whenever I’m at the beach everything just seems to be okay. The gentle lap of the waves combined with the fresh sea air clears my head and lets me focus on myself, whilst reminding me of the beauty in the world around us. Not only that but I also seem a lot more inspired when I’m at the beach. I’ve been known to have complete writers block but after visiting the sea I’ve written countless chapters of books, poems and blog posts! The beauty of the sea is simply astounding.


Reconnecting with yourself is an important part of mindfulness and the sea offers you the chance to do just that. The natural wonder reminds you that focusing on your mind, body and soul is an integral part of life and by doing so you can take the spirit of the sea – its beauty and freedom – and implement it into your own life.

Where’s your happy place? Tell me in the comments below!

Shop my outfit – Boob tube – H&M, alternative here // Shorts – ASOS, here // Hat – Aldi, alternative here // Neck tie – New Look, here

Love Chloe x

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What To Do All Summer

Packing Tips

I’m about to jet off to Portugal, in fact when you read this I’ll probably have just arrived, and I thought I’d share my top packing tips with you. I travel a few times a year, usually taking the majority of my stuff in a cabin sized bag (crazy I know) and over time I’ve learnt quite a few packing tips and tricks. Read on to find out more!

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What To Do All Summer

For us Brits the summer holidays are about half way through and elsewhere in the world people have been off school for weeks. Weeks off school sound great (just think of all the lie ins) but all that free time can get boring. It is getting to that point in the holiday where it can be hard to think of things to do to fill up all the time so I thought I’d suggest a few free or very cheap ideas.

Have a picnic

Having a picnic is a cute, cheap idea. Arrange to meet up with friends and tell everyone to bring one piece of food each – soon enough you’ll have a whole picnic spread for next to nothing!

Go for a walk

Going for a walk is a great way to explore your local area as well as being a fab way to get exercise. I personally love going walking in my local park as I’m a fan of walking in nature but you could also go for a walk in a more urban place; go and explore your city!

Go to the cinema

Going to the cinema has been a classic meet up idea for decades and nothing can compare to watching a film with your friends on the big screen. Cinema tickets, if you get offers, can be cheap or alternatively you could set up your own ‘cinema’ at home. Choose a movie, invite your friends round, buy a couple of bags of popcorn and you’re sorted!

Visit another town

There’s often hidden gems mere miles from where we live which we spend our lives unaware of. Research into beautiful places in and around your local towns and cities – you’ll be surprised by what you find; there’s a treasure trove of beautiful places to discover out there.

What’s your favourite thing to do in the summer? Tell me in the comments below!

Love Chloe x

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