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I did my last ‘what’s trending right now’ post on the colour yellow but there’s another colour which is equally as in style – red. Classic, pretty and awfully sexy, red never truly goes out of style. I’ve collected my favourite red pieces I’ve seen online and in store and there is also a new addition to my posts – different pieces I’d style them up with. Click on the links to shop!

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Ahh, the dreaded, scary colour that is yellow. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to carry it off without looking like a bumblebee but I know lots of people who can wear it all year round and look stunning. Whilst out shopping yesterday I noticed there seemed to be yellow everywhere – my sister even picked up a yellow bodysuit! This trend doesn’t seem to be stopping going into autumn/winter as I even saw yellow coats so I thought I’d make a ‘what’s trending right now’ post centred around it. As always, click on the images to shop!

This mustard yellow coat is very eye catching and is a very bold way to incorporate the new trend into your wardrobe. This would look stunning layered over a multitude of winter jumpers and great with denim, a very beautiful statement yellow piece for sure. This was actually the piece I saw which inspired this post! Continue reading

Denim Skirts



Denim skirts have always been a fashion staple but recently I’ve seen them everywhere; they can be styled in so many different ways it’s no surprise that they’re so popular. I’ve collected together my favourite ones that I’ve seen around. As always, click on the images to shop. Continue reading

Models With Stretchmarks


I was over the moon when I saw tweets and articles online about ASOS’s decision to include models showing off their stretchmarks on their website. Stretchmarks are a part of our bodies just as much as our arms or legs, so why are they being hidden?


By covering them up we are being taught that they are somehow wrong and deserve to be hidden away, when in actual fact they are a physical sign of how we are growing and becoming beautiful people. The majority of people will get at least one stretch mark throughout puberty then gain more when pregnant or through natural weight gain in their life and that’s okay. They are nothing to be ashamed of!


These models look stunning showing off their natural beauty and an important part of being a woman. Their tiger stripes, as I like to call them, look great with their bikinis and doesn’t take away from their ability to be a model at all.

I’m so proud of ASOS for breaking out of this modelling mould and I hope that other brands follow suit. Embrace your stretchmarks!

Love Chloe x

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Frills are taking a front seat in fashion this season and they’re practically everywhere you look in the shops. Personally, I love them as they look so girly and pretty but I think they can be brought into every single style, whether you’re a fancy girly girl or someone who prefers to dress more casually. I’ve collected together some of my favourite pieces from popular high street stores, just click on the images to shop!

This gorgeous baby blue dress from New Look is effortlessly classy and fits the frill trend perfectly with the ruffles down the front of the bodice. This dress reminds me of gentle waves and the colour itself is so calming, it’s just so pretty! This dress would be perfect for a summer garden party, or maybe even a wedding if you styled it up properly.

This oversized ruffle top from, via ASOS, takes the ruffle trend and takes it to the extreme. The wide, ruffled sleeves are eyecatching and the adjustable, tied waist slims down the silhouette of the piece. This would look gorgeous with some slim line trousers or skinny jeans to make sure that this is the main focus of the outfit.



This stunning ruffled dress from Miss Selfridge is a piece I’ve fallen head over heels in love with; I’ve actually recently bought a similar piece in white and I love this style. It is perfect for all sorts of summer events including garden parties or even something like a wedding. The intricate details on this piece make it just that little bit better and it’s so girly and gorgeous, perfect for the ruffles trend.

Ruffles are a trend I can see extending far into the autumn season as it can be incorporated into both light, summery pieces as well as jumpers and heavier dresses. Have you bought any ruffled pieces recently? Tell me in the comments below.

Nautical Fashion

Nautical inspired fashion has become very big this season; in particular sailor stripe skirts and long navy coats. I think that these kind of pieces always look so undeniably nice, classy and flattering, I adore nautical fashion!

One of the biggest examples I can think of for this particular trend is Gigi Hadid’s collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. Every single piece in the collection is stunning but it’s all so expensive it honestly makes me want to cry (why can’t I be a millionaire?!)

I’m going to talk about my favourite nautical inspired pieces from the collection as well as some cheaper options!


This is probably my favourite piece in the collection, the navy coat. The brass buttons down the front really add a vintage, classic look and the shape of the coat is beyond flattering. The wide collar creates such a chic style and this coat could honestly be paired with anything and everything.


How sailor chic is this? (The answer is 100%). It’s so classy and I think you would actually feel like a sailor after walking round in this all day without even having to step one foot in a boat, which is quite a deal if you ask me. Paired with high waisted jeans, possibly flared, you’ll create a sophisticated yet fun look. You could even add a little bit more eccentricity to the outfit and add a sailor hat to the outfit like Gigi has to create the full nautical look.


If you’re looking for just a splash of nautical glamour in your look then the bodysuit is probably just right. Its simplistic, yet classic, design is so effortlessly chic I love it. Paired with jeans or shorts this bodysuit would look stunning!


This navy and white striped bodysuit from Topshop is still nautical inspired but very wearable. Paired with high waisted jeans or high waisted buttoned shorts you would create a very stylish, sailor inspired outfit.


This kimono style nautical inspired top from ASOS is so beautiful, I love the shape of it! Although this is quite summery the sheer amount of style it gives off is enough to earn it a place in this list.

I’m definitely going to try and take this nautical trend into my autumn/winter wardrobe, it’s honestly one of my favourite styles!

All photos are credit to respective owners (Tommy Hilfiger, Topshop and ASOS)