How To Get A Bikini Body


Step One: Workout for 25 hours a day, 8 days a week

Step Two: Survive on a diet consisting 90% of salads

Step Three: Be unhappy

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The Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Flatlay

I admit that I haven’t perfected the art of taking a flatlay, like a lot of things to do with blogging and the photography that comes with it, I’m still learning. However I have collected together a few tips and tricks to boost up your flatlay game and show off your products in the best way possible.

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How To Stay Positive Through Failure

‘Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo’

As some of you may know, today is AS and A Level results day here in the UK and for many people that can be a very stressful time. Teenagers (like me) across the country have been working hard for these results throughout Year 12 and 13 and the day has finally come where we find out what we’ve got. Of course, sometimes we don’t achieve what we hoped and at the time it can be soul destroying, but I’m here to say why failing is not the end of the world.

Although it may feel like it, these exams are not the be all and end all. If you don’t get what you need to get into your course there are always other ways round it – can you choose another course or resit the exams? Don’t immediately jump to the worst conclusion and assume that was your only chance, there is often a chance to try again.

In the long term people honestly won’t care whether you got all A*s at A Level – what they’re going to care about is your work ethic and how you learn from different scenarios. Working on improving yourself after failure shows immense strength of character and potential employers will recognise that. Go out and see if there are other ways of getting into your field of work that doesn’t require A Level results, could you do an apprenticeship or get a job? Do not give up.

Always remember that you are worth more than an A grade. You are worth more than any results. You are worth more than failure. Failure does not define you, you define you. Don’t let this small hiccup hold you back because you are worth so much more than giving up.

If you ever need to talk about anything, feel free to contact me. Don’t suffer alone.

Love Chloe x

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How To Stay Organised 

How To Stay Organised 


Organisation is key for a happy, healthy life but it’s so easy to fall into a trap of procrastination and disorganisation. I spent most of my life putting things off until the last moment and ending up stressing myself out by piling lots of work on last minute. It can be hard to find strategies that work for you to keep you organised but I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.


Planning what I’m doing at the start of the month stops me from procrastinating and it helps to know what I’m going to be doing each day. It also stops me from double booking my plans; for example I don’t want to be editing a long haul video or filming a lookbook on a day that I have to be somewhere for dinner. Having a plan for the month ahead means that you don’t have to stress nearer the time and things shouldn’t begin to pile up.


Although I prefer using a pen and paper, technology can also be extremely useful in staying organised. I can guarantee that your phone has a calendar on it, but are you using it? Inputting the things you need to do into your phone calendar, or setting alerts reminding you to do tasks, would encourage you to do them and it’s unlikely you’d miss it as I’m sure, like me, you’re on your phone a lot.


I find lists extremely helpful when staying organised as they motivate me to work and tick everything off my list. I get a sense of accomplishment when I finish everything on my list and I’m sure you too will love the satisfaction of ticking something off once you’ve done it! Feeling accomplished is an important part of staying organised and motivated as it encourages you to stay that way.


Using colour is something that completely changed my organisation experience, because it looked aesthetically pleasing and inviting I was more inspired to work. It’s a very simple hack to get you working more!

What’s your favourite tip to staying organised? Tell me in the comments below!

Love Chloe x

Models With Stretchmarks


I was over the moon when I saw tweets and articles online about ASOS’s decision to include models showing off their stretchmarks on their website. Stretchmarks are a part of our bodies just as much as our arms or legs, so why are they being hidden?


By covering them up we are being taught that they are somehow wrong and deserve to be hidden away, when in actual fact they are a physical sign of how we are growing and becoming beautiful people. The majority of people will get at least one stretch mark throughout puberty then gain more when pregnant or through natural weight gain in their life and that’s okay. They are nothing to be ashamed of!


These models look stunning showing off their natural beauty and an important part of being a woman. Their tiger stripes, as I like to call them, look great with their bikinis and doesn’t take away from their ability to be a model at all.

I’m so proud of ASOS for breaking out of this modelling mould and I hope that other brands follow suit. Embrace your stretchmarks!

Love Chloe x

(All photos belong to respective owners)

Why I Want To Work In Fashion

The fashion industry is one of the most creative, exciting and vibrant industries in the world and there really is a job for everyone within it. Personally, I want to go into designing lingerie and swimwear, something which I’ve been passionate about since I was about fifteen. I fell in love with the brand For Love And Lemons and their gorgeous, intricate designs inspired me to begin designing my own.

Lingerie and swimwear is so delicate and close to the skin that it is just so different to any other types of clothes; there’s so much detail in such a small amount of material that it fascinates me. I’m a firm believer in the idea that if you’re wearing good underwear then you’ll feel happier and more confident, there’s something just so mood boosting about wearing fancy underwear. Beauty and confidence truly does start from the bottom layer of your outfit and if you’re wearing gorgeous underwear it will shine out of you.

I love looking at lots of different designers and catwalk collections, with my favourites being Zuhair Murad, Chanel and Elie Saab. The imagination of these designers astounds me and I love delving further into the collection and exploring it like I do in school for my textiles A Level. This allows me to look into the techniques used across the collections, trust me it’s incredible how subtle some of the details are on these pieces.

The fashion industry continues to inspire me day after day and I can’t wait to be a part of it myself, both as a lingerie designer and hopefully a blogger!

Why Is Josie My Style Icon?

Josie, better known as FashionMumblr, is a successful fashion blogger and YouTuber, and one of my biggest inspirations. Both for her sense of style and for the life she has built up through her blog and YouTube channel; someday I hope to be as successful, beautiful and all round inspiring as she is.

Josie’s style is very clean and classy, she often wears white or pastel colours and opts for outfits which cover more, giving her a sophisticated vibe. Her style is so elegant and classy and the white, fresh colour scheme looks pretty, clean and smart. Although I feel I’m a tad too disaster prone to stick to white all the time I have tried to let Josie’s style influence my wardrobe and I’ve invested in more white, flowing pieces.

Not only is her style amazing, Josie’s personality shines through everything she does. She is funny and lovable and not only that she is just so real. She doesn’t cover up parts of her personality to create an ‘Instagram worthy’ life or try and lie to her audience to get more views. One thing I love about watching Josie’s vlogs is that she is always eating and she even joked about it in her latest video about Ibiza, saying that there always seemed to be a portion of chips on her plate. This realistic side of her personality makes her relatable and even more of an inspiration to me.

I’ve included some of my favourite outfit posts of Josie’s from her recent blog posts, of course all photos belong to Josie I’m just using them to show how much I admire her style. The first two photos show white summer dresses, staple pieces in Josie’s wardrobe, as these make up the majority of her summer wardrobe. The delicate lace detail on the second dress is so intricate and pretty, this is a perfect piece for transitioning from day to night as you could wear it with sandals or dress it up with heels.

The second dress, a stunning pink number from True Decadence, is actually one of the dresses I had my eye on for my 18th birthday. When I saw it feature on Josie’s blog I fell even more in love with it and I can honestly say it’s one of the prettiest pieces I’ve ever seen her wear. The next outfit, made up of a pussybow blouse and suedette skirt, is something I would wear on a daily basis as it’s so classy and sophisticated. I’m sure you can clearly see where Josie fits in as my style inspiration.

Josie also includes sleepwear and lingerie on her blog and channel, something which interests me as I want to go into intimate apparel as a job. These gorgeous, silky pyjamas look so luxurious I can’t hide my jealousy. So much of Josie’s wardrobe gives me wardrobe envy, I’m in love with her style! I’m going to create a few more posts centred around Josie as my style icon as she is such an inspiration to me and I’m sure after reading this post you’ve also fallen head over heels for all her amazing pieces.