Chanel On A Budget


Coco Chanel has always been one of my biggest style icons, ever since I researched her timeless fashion aged 8 for a primary school project. Since then my love for her classy style has grown and grown and I really admire her work in freeing women from the confines of pre WWI fashion.

Unfortunately, as an average teenage girl, I cannot afford any actual Chanel products. That’s where the idea to take Chanel’s iconic style and recreate it on a budget began, for those fashionistas working with small amounts of money, do not fear, you too can have access to Chanel’s gorgeous fashion sense.

It would make sense, when recreating such well known fashion, to turn to dupes. My favourite dupe website has to be, it’s great not only for affordable dupes of high end fashion but also for original pieces.

This gorgeous tweed dress with pussybow detail is clearly Chanel inspired from the simplistic black and white colour scheme to the use of tweed which Chanel used for her iconic Chanel Suit. The mini dress length represents how Chanel liberated women from the excesses of ballgowns and it creates a chic look.

I paired the dress with these Chanel inspired shoes; the black toe cap takes inspiration from Chanel’s collection and classic style. These are an easily wearable height and the ankle strap means that you can tighten them to fit your feet comfortably.


There will be a YouTube video up on this look later today and if you’re reading this when it’s already up I’ll insert a link here.

Who is your biggest style icon? Tell me in the comments below!

Love Chloe x

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Outfit Under £40 – Navy And White Ruffles

Let’s face it: clothes are expensive. Buying a simple outfit can quickly go from being a bargain to costing over £50 or £100, and most of us can’t afford to keep spending that, yet still want to stay fashionable.

I gave myself the challenge of finding an entire outfit including a top, something on the bottom, a handbag and shoes, all for under £40. For some that may seem an impossible task, but it’s all about knowing where to look and what to piece together for the best price. I’m a self confessed bargain hunter who will deliberate buying anything if it costs over £10, I’ve been taught well by my mom who is practically the queen of bargains, so I’d like to think I’m well prepared for this challenge.

The first place that instantly sprung to mind when I thought of writing this post was, of course, Primark: the home of outfits on a budget. I picked up this gorgeous white sleevless blouse for only £6, I’ve paired it with a simple white vest top to stop it being a little too revealing, which you can pick up for a couple of quid from practically any shop. This one is from H&M’s basics range from last summer and I think it was about £2. Alternatively, you could wear this blouse with a pretty bralette underneath and embrace the underwear as outerwear trend.

Shockingly, the trousers and shoes for this outfit aren’t actually from Primark! These slim fitting navy trousers from H&M are comfortable, practical and for only £8.99 they’re a complete and utter bargain. I wore these all the time whilst I was away in Lourdes where I was doing active work all day and they remained easy to move in. Unfortunately these are only available in store and aren’t online so I can’t link them, however I’ve found some alternatives here.

These gorgeous navy wedges were the ‘splurge’ of the outfit at £19.99. I actually found these in the wide fit section in New Look and although my feet are far from wide, in fact I usually struggle to find shoes thin enough, these fit well. The adjustable ankle strap means that I can tighten them to fit so they won’t slip off and the heel height is great for walking around in all day.

This beautiful white bag was only £5! It is compact, perfect for carrying around all day and fits all of the essentials like my phone, makeup and a purse. The ruffles down the front are right on trend and match the delicate ruffles on my sleeves.

So, what was the total expenditure for this outfit?

Blouse – £6
Trousers – £8.99
Shoes – £19.99
Bag – £5

Total: £39.98

This outfit comes in just under the £40 mark, meeting the criteria I set myself when starting this post. I think you’d agree that this outfit looks far from cheap, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style when working with a low budget.

I’ve decided that I’m going to make a series of posts all focused on finding an entire outfit for under £40, for all those fashionistas living in a budget. Let me know in the comments if that is something you’d be interested in reading!

Love Chloe x