18 Facts About Me!

Today, as some of you may know, is my 18th birthday! Your 18th birthday is a big milestone for everyone and it’s actually quite scary (can I be ten again please?) but I thought instead of looking at it negatively I’d take the opportunity to share eighteen positive facts about myself with you all.

1. I have a giant obsession with Peter Pan

I’ve loved Peter Pan ever since I was tiny and I’m never without my Peter Pan ‘kiss’ necklace (which I’m sure you’ve spotted in some of my blog photos). Neverland and all the magic around Peter Pan, the story and the film, makes me so happy and I honestly wish I could fly off to Neverland  (I mean, who wouldn’t?).

2. Cecilia isn’t actually part of my official name

I bet you’re reading that and thinking ‘erm weirdo much? Why are you saying it’s your name?’. Well, my official name, as in the ones on official forms, is Chloe Margaret Grant but Cecilia (which I can’t say without singing Oh Cecilia) is my confirmation name, which is a Catholic tradition of initiation into the religion where you choose a saint’s name and I chose Cecilia. So yes, Margaret is my actual middle name but I tend to use Cecilia as it is alliteration with Chloe.

3. I have a giant head…yes you read that right

I’m constantly making jokes about my giant head! It is a fact I have grown to love and I can make fun of myself for it, don’t worry. The diameter of my head is bigger than my waist…which I’m fairly certain isn’t normal, but hey ho. Apparently people with bigger heads are more successful (#funfact), so I’m set for great things it seems.

4. I’ve been part of Girlguiding since I was five

Girlguiding has been a massive part of my life ever since I joined Rainbows when I was five and I’ve worked my way up through Rainbows, Brownies and Guides to where I am now as a Young Leader. Guides has brought me so many amazing opportunities and I’ve met some of my closest friends there, so for everyone who says it’s not cool, you’re wrong! Where else could I visit the world’s highest chocolate factory, jump off a bridge and swim in an ice cold lake all in one trip?

5. I have a massive Disney obsession

I have a giant obsession with everything Disney and one of my main goals in life is to work as a face character at Disneyland/Disney World. In 2014 I performed alongside Belle as a dancing plate (honestly should have won an Oscar for that stunning performance, believe me) and I think it’s my greatest achievement to date. I have more Disney toys than most children (sorry not sorry) and I know every word to literally every Disney song.

6. I wrote my first poem when I was six

My first poem, about a girl looking at the moon, was written when I was in Year 1 in primary school and ever since then I’ve been obsessed. I have poems for everything that has happened throughout my life as I use poetry as a way to vent my feelings and I’ve actually had ones published in the past. When I was 13 I won a young people’s poetry competition and got to perform my poem at Birmingham University (a poem which also happened to be about a girl looking at the stars and the moon!)

7. I have a giant phobia of feet

Even the thought of feet freaks me out (even my own feet!) and if someone touches me with their feet I honestly feel like I need to shower. I don’t know what caused my fear but it is so awful! Feet are just eughhhh.

8. I’m also terrified of Bradley Walsh

You know the guy who presents The Chase? For years and years I’ve had this sense of dread every time I saw him on TV and I had an image in my head of him looking all scary but couldn’t place it. Then, one day about a year ago, my friend messaged me all excited because she’d worked out the root of my fear! Did any of you watch The Sarah Jane Adventures when you were younger? Remember the episode with the clown (the absolutely terrifying one)? Well, it turns out that Bradley Walsh was the clown!

9. I’ve been doing ballet since I was 2

I started ballet dancing when I was 2 and I still do it to this day. Even after all this time I’m still not very good! It is such a beautiful and elegant form of dance I do love ballet and even though I will never be a prima ballerina, nothing compares to the feeling of perfectly executing a ballet move or putting on your pointe shoes.

10. I’m always watching crime shows

Me and my mom are literally addicted to watching NCIS, CSI and shows like that. They’re so interesting and honestly I’ve watched so many episodes that I feel I could probably make it as a detective by now! I completely ship Ziva and DiNozzo (why did she have to leave, I’m still crying) and of course, there’s always the perk of being able to see Gibbs.

11. I’ve watched every episode of Friends at least five times

People who don’t like Friends concern me, what is there not to like?! I wish I could be part of their friendship group, what I would give to go to Central Perk! Monica and Chandler are my ultimate relationship goals (they beat Ross and Rachel any day) and I think the show teaches everyone so much about friendship and true life that it’s amazing. If you haven’t already watched it, what are you waiting for?

12. I want to live in the South of France

My favourite place in the world, besides Disneyland, has to be the south of France and I dream of owning a house on the coastal road that leads to Cannes and Monaco. It is such a beautiful part of the world and every time I go there I feel so fancy, it makes you feel like you’re in a film set and I love it.

13. I hate Crocs

I once won an English Speaking Award for a speech about how much I detest Crocs. I don’t understand them – they’re giant chunks of rubber with holes in, how do they qualify as shoes? Even as a young child I refused point blank to wear them and they horrify me to this day. They are by far my biggest fashion pet peeve!

14. I am 3/4 Irish

My dad is from Armagh in Northern Ireland and most of my mom’s family are from Ireland too. So naturally that means a giant family full of fabulous Irish nutters! I’m proud of my heritage and I love visiting Ireland, it’s a truly beautiful country.

15. I’ve been learning French since I was 3

C’est vrai! I started French in nursery school and I’ve been in love with the language ever since, to the point where I now study it at A Level! It’s a lovely language and every word sounds so beautiful (much more romantic than English!). Speaking of French and romance…I also met my boyfriend Tom in my French class, which just goes to show it is the language of love after all!

16. My sister refers to me as Chummy

I’m not even sure where it started but one day my sister and I suddenly had nicknames for each other. She calls me Chummy and I call her Lil Bit (because she’s always been tiny). Maybe my blog name should have been Chummy Cecilia Goes Couture!

17. I love Skittles

Skittles are by far my favourite sweets and I can eat an entire bag to myself in one sitting extremely easily. Everyone knows about my obsession and at birthdays and Christmas I get at least four bags (not that I’m complaining!). They’re so yummy, who wouldn’t want to taste the rainbow?!

18. I knew all the words to Pure by The Lightning Seeds before I knew the alphabet

This is probably one of the most random facts about me, but it’s true! My mom used to play Pure everyday in the car and I know every single word as if it’s imprinted on my brain.

That concludes my 18 facts about me, in celebration of my 18th birthday! The only present I could ask for is for you to follow my blog and subscribe to my YouTube channel – it would honestly mean the world to me.

Love Chloe x

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