The Start Of A Fresh New Me?

For me, birthdays are a very scary time. For someone who is terrified of growing up turning 18 seemed terrifying so I figured the best way to approach it would be to find positive sides of it. One way I decided to do this was to see it as a fresh new beginning, which allows me to almost make new year’s resolutions and improve myself as I grow older.

I’ve had the typical question of, ‘how does it feel to be 18’ and usually I don’t feel any different but this year I’ve actually felt a slight change. I’m determined to remain a little more positive and make this year a happy and successful year. Being happy is a very important part of life and the chance to start again is the best way to reassess your goals.

I know this is a short blog post but I just wanted to put this idea out there and share with you how I’m dealing with my birthday.

Love Chloe x

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4 thoughts on “The Start Of A Fresh New Me?

  1. whatismaria September 24, 2017 / 6:25 am

    Happy birthday girl! I turned 18 earlier this year and I know how scary the thought of being more or less an adult can be, but I guess we just have to embrace it and use it as an opportunity to better ourselves ❤

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