Why I Always ‘Over Dress’


‘You can never be over dressed or over educated’ – Oscar Wilde

I once heard that over dressing is an art and honestly, I agree. Over dressing takes confidence and a very classy sense of style which I’ve had to work on and develop over time. For some people, dressing like they’re going to a formal dinner when they’re just going out for a casual meal with friends sounds terrifying but for me it’s now become my signature style.

I’m rarely seen in jeans, never seen in joggers and the term casual is basically a foreign concept to me. I’m more at home in blouses, skirts, dresses and heels than I’ll ever be in a pair of joggers, and that’s okay! There seems to be a stigma that dressing like I do means that you’re old or too prim and proper when in fact it just makes you look very smart. Where’s the harm in that?

Over dressing makes me feel very fancy and pretty, which in turn boosts my confidence. I usually wear neutral coloured (white, cream and blush pink) blouses and dresses which make my outfits look very feminine. I also invest in pretty jewellery, such as the Pandora Princess Tiara Ring, which add an extra touch to the outfit; little additions like this complete the look.

The True Decadence dress I’m wearing here is possibly the prettiest dress I’ve ever owned and it’s by far my favourite dress in the world. The pink combined with the lace and ruffles makes it a dream come true for people sharing my sense of style; if I was ever a dress, I would be this dress! Also, this now down from £75 to only £14.50!

Do you over dress? Tell me in the comments below!

Love Chloe x

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