How To Feel Confident On Camera


Feeling confident on camera is something I’m learning to do, I’m not going to lie I haven’t found it very easy, but I’m going to share some pieces of wisdom I’ve picked up along the way. As someone who isn’t overly body confident having to take multiple photos in outfits where the main focus was on my body and what I was wearing I wasn’t really a fan. I’ve been known to go over and over photos after a photoshoot, scrutinising every detail until I hate every single one. Obviously that’s not a good way to go about things and I saw that I needed to try and work on it.

Don’t spend ages picking out faults

Picking out tiny little faults about every single photo is a sure fire way to make you less confident on camera. If you look at past photos and don’t like what you see then you’re less likely to really enjoy taking photos and looking at ones in the future. Instead of looking at a photo and thinking ‘I look fat’ or ‘I hate my nose’ pick out positive points; focus on the fact that your skin is glowing, your hair looks nice or that your body looks super good instead. I guarantee that by pointing out positive things your self confidence will grow massively.

Act like the camera isn’t there

When a camera is thrust on them most people suddenly change completely and begin to have forced smiles and strange poses. Instead of looking like a wax figure just try and pretend that the camera isn’t there; laugh, walk and pose a little in a natural way. It’s up to the photographer to catch you at the most natural, beautiful moments so you can just do your thing!

Get someone to make you laugh

I always try and get someone to make me laugh before I take a photo so that the smile is genuine. This is a good technique as real laughter is always going to look nicer than fake laughter and it’s easy to do, especially if the photographer or assistant you’re with is someone you get along well with!

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What’s your top tip for being confident on camera? Tells me in the comments below!

Love Chloe x

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