Picnic Lookbook


Picnics are an integral part of the summer as it gives you a chance to have lunch sat outside surrounded by the beauty of nature. It’s such a simplistic, adorable experience and it’s fun to gather your friends around and socialise whilst spending some time in the great outdoors.



When I thought of picnics I thought of old fashioned summer dresses and big straw hats to stay cool and keep the sun off your face. When I saw this adorable blue and white gingham dress in H&M I got inspired to shoot this look as it just screamed ‘vintage picnic’ to me. There are a whole collection of jersey day dresses in H&M at the minute for only £8.99, they’re stretchy, comfortable and perfect for wearing all day.



To add to the vintage aesthetic I paired the dress with a neck tie. This look is inspired by the 1950s where day dresses and short neck scarves were all the rage. This one was only £3.99 from New Look yet completely transforms the outfit, for such a cheap purchase it’s definitely worth it.




For shoes I wore these white block heels as they’re comfortable enough to wear all day but add a dash of extra chicness to the outfit. However, if I was going on a walk before stopping for a picnic then I would probably swap these for some flat shoes. I hesitate to think what state I’d end up in if I tried to go on a walk in heels!



To finish off this outfit I added a large straw hat; a necessity when you’re sat out all day in the sun. It creates such a vintage vibe that just looks so pretty! This one is (you won’t believe this) only £3.49, three pound and forty nine pence! The embroidery makes it look a lot, lot more expensive and I definitely think this is a must buy.

What’s your favourite picnic food? Tell me in the comments below!

Love Chloe x


3 thoughts on “Picnic Lookbook

  1. Julia Grant August 2, 2017 / 11:47 am

    Looks inviting X just need some nice weather now x


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