August Wishlist

It’s now the summer holidays (yay!) and I’m going to be out and about a lot more, showing off my new clothes of course. So what am I looking for this month?


After going to Pennfest (see my post about it here) I realised that I need some cheap trainers that I’m prepared to let get muddy and wrecked, for any future events like that. I’d preferably like some pink or white ones as them colours would go with most things I wear.

A summer hat

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m not really the cap kind of person so I need to find a large (preferably very instagrammable) summer hat. I love those ones with the embroidered writing on, I think they look really pretty, it’s just about finding one for a bargain.

So, what did I manage to find from my July wishlist?

I didn’t manage to find a pair of denim shorts, I struggle to find shorts as the shape of most of them makes my body look a little odd, but my sister has kindly said I can borrow hers. Fashion life hack – share clothes!  Life is great when your sister is the same clothes size as you.

I’ve tried on lots of bikini coverups but I’m yet to find my perfect one, I’m keeping my eyes pealed this month too though as I don’t go on holiday until the end of August!

I actually very, very recently found a pair of brown sandals – a suede low block heeled pair from New Look. Unfortunately I can’t find them online, I’m not sure if they were a store exclusive, but I’ll keep looking!

Update from June Wishlist as well – I managed to find my perfect white block heels and they’ve already featured on my blog (here)!
That covers everything from last month’s wishlist, more next month!


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