November Wishlist

It’s November, which is absolutely crazy because this year is simply flying by, but I’m excited to get into wearing snuggly fashion and wrapping up warm over the coming month.

A cream jumper 

If there’s one thing my wardrobe is lacking in, it’s jumpers. I only seem to have a couple of jumpers that I actually like, which definitely isn’t enough, so I’m definitely on the lookout for more jumpers this month.  I’d love to invest in a cream jumper as it is a simple and classy jumper.

Ankle boots

I have quite a few pairs of heeled ankle boots but I’m also in need of more flat, Chelsea style, boots as they are far easier to walk in!

So, what did I manage to find from my October wishlist?

I’m still searching for a pink corduroy pinafore as I’ve tried many on but unfortunately I haven’t found one which fits yet! I’m still on the lookout though so hopefully I’ll find one soon. I did, however, manage to find a corduroy skirt. It wasn’t pink like I imagined in my October wishlist, but instead I picked up a cord skirt in a burgundy colour (which has featured on my blog here and here).

Love Chloe x

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October Wishlist


October Wishlist

It’s October which means it’s officially autumn, the nights are drawing in and everywhere the trees are turning red and coats are coming out. I love wrapping up warm and I’m excited to see all the Autumn trends coming out in everyone’s style. So what am I looking for this month?

Pink corduroy pinafore

I tried on a pink cord pinafore recently in Forever 21 but unfortunately it didn’t fit. Since then I’ve been determined to find one and recreate the look which I fell in love with in Forever 21. I was planning to pair it with a high neck, ruffled blouse and hopefully that look can still come to fruition!

Pink cord skirt

Can you tell I’m obsessed with cord this season? Especially pink cord, of course. I’ve seen this look on other bloggers and I think it’s a very pretty style which I hope to recreate. I love this cord trend as it’s very vintage.

So, what did I manage to find from my September wishlist?

I’m still searching for my perfect suede jacket as I can’t find one in the perfect dusky pink shade, but I refuse to give up! There are suede jackets all over the shops at the minute and I can’t wait to pick one up. I did however manage to find a black roll neck top and I’m sure I’ll pick up more in the near future.

Love Chloe x

September Wishlist

We’re slowly moving into the autumnal months, a time where I’ll need to be updating my wardrobe to keep up with current trends. It’s also my birthday month (I’m turning 18) so hopefully, thanks to my wonderful friends and family, I should have a little bit more money to spend. Read on to see what I’m on the lookout for. Continue reading

June Wishlist

Britain’s sun has finally appeared, I’ve been abroad and my summer wardrobe has definitely come out. Now is the time for the outfits to accentuate the all important tan and make you look chic whether you’re lounging by the pool or out shopping in the sunshine. So what am I looking for this June?

1. White heels

I realised the other day that I don’t own a pair of simple white heels. These are such a versatile pair of shoes, especially in the summer when the majority of outfits are light coloured, so I’m definitely on the hunt for a pair. Ideally I’d get a low block pair as they’re definitely in style right now (and far easier to walk around in!), perhaps with an ankle tie as these are really pretty.

2. Occasion wear 

Wearing occasion wear in the daytime is a trend that I could definitely latch on to. This doesn’t mean wearing a ballgown to Tesco, but instead wearing slightly more ornate dresses or skirts than would normally be advertised as ‘day dresses’. Josie from Fashion Mumblr pulls off this trend spectacularly and I hope to accomplish it just as well.

3. Neck ties

I’m not too sure about this one but I’ve seen Freddy Cousin Brown trying them out and thought I’d give them a go. They’re nothing like anything I’d ever usually wear but at the minute I’m trying to broaden my fashion horizons and this could be a good place to start.

So, what did I manage to find from my May wishlist?

My search for tailored shorts was successful and I got a gorgeous paper bag waist, high waisted pair from ASOS. They were £22 but honestly looked so high end! They cinch me in at the waist and they’re a lovely, classy length. I’m honestly head over heels for these shorts.

I’m yet to find any camisole tops that I really like but I’m still on the hunt. However, the main reason for getting a camisole top was to pair it with the shorts mentioned above and I’ve found an alternative for that, my white sleeveless blouse mentioned in my Primark haul. So, we’ll see if I need to invest in a cami!

That covers everything from last month’s wishlist, more next month!

Designer Handbag Wishlist

So, as you can see, this isn’t a wishlist of the month, this is a general wishlist all about designer handbags, because who doesn’t have a secret designer shopping list in their head? Designer handbags are renowned for their quality, establishment in the fashion world and their ability to be timelessly stylish. Unfortunately, they’re also about a million pounds out of my price range which makes actually purchasing one near impossible but a girl can dream. I’ve compiled a list of my top designer handbags that, hopefully far off in my dream world where I’m living in Paris and able to emmerse myself in fashion for a living, will be in my wardrobe.

No designer handbag wishlist would be complete without the classic Chanel bag. The timeless black quilted design and gold chain handle will be in style forever and the bag is just so effortlessly chic that I can’t help but pine for it.

Price: £3840-£4830

This take on the classic Chanel bag comes with the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Everything about this bag is perfect from the beige, pink colour to the ornate Chanel clasp, the light colour would suit my wardrobe more than the classic black Chanel bag. Help, I think I’ve fallen in love!

Price: £3990

This gorgeous Burberry reversible tote bag is so beautiful, especially in this elderberry colour, but it’s also extremely practical as it has no pockets so it’s great for lots of storage; the perfect shopping bag!

Price: £775


The Michael Kors Mercer Large Leather Tote bag is beautiful and spacious. It comes in a variety of colours but this light brown, acorn colour is probably my favourite. I feel like this colour would work perfectly in the Autumn time but the bag design is so simple yet amazing that it would work all year round.

Price: £315 

No designer handbag wishlist would be complete without the Chloé Drew bag. I just couldn’t choose between these two beautiful colours. The peachy nude colour would fit in more with my wardrobe but I couldn’t help but fall in love with the gorgeous peacock blue.

Price: £1140

That concludes my very concise designer handbag wishlist. I’m sure there are many, many more beautiful bags I’d love to own but these are my ultimate favourites, they’re all beautiful beyond compare and I dream of the day I may own even just one of them.

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May Wishlist

Is it too optimistic to claim that the summer weather has arrived? Either way, as a classic British person I have reacted to the one ray of sunshine that has graced us and decided to whip out my summer dresses and sandals. Trust me, living in a country that is almost constantly raining has taught me that any sunshine constitutes a summer’s day. So I’m on the look out for some great summer pieces to really show off the fact that the sun has finally arrived!

1. Tailored shorts

I’ve been planning out some looks for summer lookbooks and with the change in my style I’ve decided my summer short collection needs an update. At the minute my shorts are mainly denim and don’t particularly suit my new prim and proper fashion sense. So instead, this year I’ve decided to try and find some tailored shorts, preferably with a bow to tie them up round the waist and a high waist. These look so classy and I can imagine them fitting in perfectly with the rest of my new, better wardrobe.

2 . Camisole tops 

When thinking what to pair with these shorts I hope to buy, my immediate thought was a silky cami top with lace details. Paired with those shorts I think that this would create an extremely classy, sophisticated outfit while the material would be great for keeping you cool throughout the summer months.

So, what did I manage to find from my April wishlist?

I’m yet to return to Primark to try and find those pink brogues but I’ve got my heart set on them so they’ll definitely be in my wardrobe some time soon (as long as they don’t sell out, fingers crossed!) I’ve got some white Toms style slip ons which go great with summer dresses though so I have managed to find some flat shoes!

I’ve bought a lovely navy floral playsuit from Primark and I’m still on the hunt for day dresses. H&M had some lovely ones for only £9-£15; I was in shock! Unfortunately they didn’t have my size for the one I really wanted on the rail and I was in a bit of a rush so didn’t have time to go asking staff but next time I’m out shopping I’m heading straight there.

That covers everything from last month’s wishlist, more next month!