Who doesn’t love to be all sparkly? You’re lying if you say you don’t love dressing up in a sparkly dress and feeling like an actual princess. Sequins are back in this season, so you can wear them without feeling like a six year old who’s off to a birthday party. The more sparkle, the better! I’ve picked out my favourite pieces that I’ve seen and of course all the products I mention are shoppable, just click on the links.

Sequin Dress

This is the dress I’m thinking of buying to be my New Years outfit – I know it’s only November but you can never be too prepared after all! It’s so sparkly and festive, it’s great for celebration. I would pair this dress with black stilettos, as they add a classy vibe, and a black clutch bag to match. This clutch bag has a diamante, sequin effect on the bow which ties in with the detail on the dress (double the sequins!).

Sequins 1

This sequin top is the perfect piece if you’re not feeling throwing yourself into the deep end with the sequin trend. It’s a subtler way to incorporate it into your outfit, whilst still being incredibly sparkly. I would pair this with a leather look skirt to create a rather edgy look and some black patent leather ankle boots. These are sock boots, which are incredibly on trend, so I’d definitely recommend buying yourself a pair.

Sequin Boots

How insane are these gorgeous rainbow sequined boots? They’re very jazzy (yes I’m aware saying jazzy makes me sound like a mom trying to be cool, but that’s what they are!) and they’re a really fun way to get into the sequin trend. I’d pair these with a black t-shirt dress (also comes in petite), I really like this one with the collar detail as it is a very feminine addition to the dress and suits my girly style a lot more than a simpler t-shirt dress, which can sometimes be rather casual. To finish the look I’d add a silver clutch bag to match the metallic sparkle of the shoes.

Do you own any sequin pieces? Tell me in the comments below!

Love Chloe x

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