Pocket Sized Perfume


When going on holiday you don’t want to be lugging giant perfume bottles around. Firstly, there’s the risk of the glass bottles cracking whilst you’re travelling (which is always going to be devastating isn’t it?) and they also take up precious space in your case. Continue reading

Don’t Forget To Pack!

When we’re jetting off somewhere exotic it’s very easy to forget simple things, which we always seem to remember we’ve forgotten when we’re in the air on the way to our destination, when it’s a little too late to turn around and pick it up. This is a list of things you should always remember to pack as well as a couple of travel tips from me. Click on images to shop!

Suncream. Suncream. Suncream.

I don’t know how many times I can say it; you simply cannot forget to pack sun cream. Protecting your skin should be a number one priority, especially when travelling abroad, as lathering on sun cream can prevent you from developing lots of skin diseases. Lots of people make the mistake of thinking ‘I don’t burn so I don’t need sun cream’ when that is completely and utterly wrong. Whether you burn or not sun cream protects your skin from UV rays so you need to wear it.

Another common misconception is that if you wear sun cream it stops you from tanning, when in fact it can help. I recommend using a tan enhancing sun lotion, like this one, or sun oil, my favourite one is by Garnier, which protects skin whilst helping you gain a tan. If you’re going to wear makeup on holiday I’d recommend buying a foundation or primer with SPF in it for added sun protection on the face.

After sun

Despite wearing sun cream it is quite likely, if you’re fair skinned like me, that you will get burnt. After sun is a necessity when you’re burnt as it cools and soothes the skin after sun exposure. Cover every burnt area in it on the nighttime and it should help the burn to heal a lot quicker than without.

Bug spray

Bug bites are the bane of my life on holiday so I always drench myself in bug spray when I’m in a country where there are lots of mosquitoes. This is important to prevent butes which can become infected or spread disease, this one is very effective. 

Extra underwear

When you’re on holiday you often change multiple times a day, whether that’s getting in and out of bikinis or showering after being in the pool or the sea. Because of that you’re going to need more underwear than you would do at home; I usually bring three or four extra pairs. If you don’t end up using them then they don’t take up much room in your bag anyway so it’s not wasted and I assure you you’ll be very grateful that you did if the need for more underwear does arise!

Extra sunglasses

If you’re anything like me then you practically go blind in the sun. The minute I step outside I can’t stop squinting and so if I lose my sunglasses or they break whilst I’m away then I’m stuffed. I always recommend bringing at least a couple of pairs as you’ll always have a spare. Also, with more variety you can choose different coloured pairs to match your outfit!

Pack a bikini and change of clothes in your hand luggage 

Nothing is more annoying than your luggage going missing when you’re travelling to your destination. You’re left stranded in a new place with only the clothes you’ve got on your back and nothing much else. I’ve brought an extra bikini and change of clothes in my hand luggage for as long as I can remember, just in case the worst happens. That way you’ve probably got enough to last you for a couple of days at least, and you don’t need to wait for your luggage to arrive to be able to go in the pool!

I hope these travel tips and tricks help you as much as they’ve helped me, hopefully you won’t be stranded abroad without packing the necessities now!

What’s your top travel tip? Tell me in the comments below.

Love Chloe x

Travel Beauty Essentials

When travelling, particularly if you’re going on a long car, coach or plane journey, you need beauty products which are easy to use on a moving vehicle or confined space and which will pack away neatly and tightly. To avoid liquid restrictions I try and aim to find makeup wipes, over miscellar water for example, and I even managed to find deodorant wipes, instead of the liquid alternative! Another necessity is travel size minis of your favourite beauty products for use once you reach your destination. I’ve made a list of travel beauty essentials, perfect for long journeys, long weekends or your summer holiday. With summer just around the corner it’s important to be prepared. As always, click on the photos to shop!


Halo Deodorant Wipes

These wipes are such an innovative idea which I’ve never come across before. These were perfect when I was on a long coach journey and didn’t want to gas everyone around me with deodorant fumes! They gave me a clean feel with a light, fresh scent, and although I wouldn’t like to use these a permanent alternative to deodorant they work as a short term fix. The packaging is small so it didn’t taken up much space in my carry on bag and easy to re-close to prevent the wipes from drying out.


Garnier Miscellar Wipes 

Garnier Miscellar Water is my go to makeup remover when I’m at home, I tend to use the sensitive skin one as it is gentle on skin but removes all of my makeup, even waterproof ones. Makeup wipes don’t tend to work as well as other forms of makeup remover but they’re a lot more practical for travelling as no liquids are involved. However, I was pleasantly surprised by these wipes as they took off my makeup to basically the same standard as the original Miscellar Water and left my face feeling refreshed and clean.


Grab & Go Pocket Tissues

Pocket tissues are a necessity for long journeys as they’ve got so many uses; cleaning up spillages, wiping your nose and even bringing into those dodgy service stations you’re guaranteed to visit along the way. This pack was one of the best I’ve ever seen as it had two little resealable compartments inside which each contain tissues. The tissues themselves were strong and durable; for such a bargain buy I was incredibly impressed!


Grab & Go Hand Cleansing Wipes

Hand wipes are extremely helpful for the same kind of reasons as tissues, it’s always useful to have a wipe on hand to freshen up as you often feel very dirty and groggy after a long journey. These hand wipes were not only very effective but also had a lovely, fresh scent which wasn’t too overpowering on my hands. One thing I hate about hand wipes is when they have an overpowering scent which lingers on my hands for hours, which obviously isn’t nice when you’re eating. These ones however did the job well and the inoffensive scent faded after just the right amount of time.


Travel Size Perfume

Personally, I hate going out without perfume to hand and I don’t see why travelling should change this. Travel size perfumes, containing between 10-30 ml of product are perfect for slipping into your bag as they barely take up any space at all. This one, Perceive by AVON has a deep, musky scent and it’s not too overpowering to spritz on throughout the day.  After a long journey all you crave for is to smell heavenly and this product makes that dream a reality.


Soap & Glory Scrub Of Your Life

I adore Soap & Glory products and the travel friendly mini size makes them perfect for taking on trips. The Scrub Of Your Life is my go to product for incredibly smooth skin and that infamous gorgeous Soap & Glory scent. It contains 50 ml of product so is plane travel friendly as well.


Soap & Glory Clean On Me

Another brilliant Soap & Glory product that I use time and time again is the Clean On Me shower gel; it also has the signature Soap & Glory scent and leaves my skin smelling and feeling great. The same as the body scrub it contains under 100ml of product so is perfectly travel friendly. These small bottles are also perfect for a short trip or long weekend as you don’t need to use much in only a couple of days, there’s no need to use up space in your case for large bottles when you’re only going to use a fraction of them.


Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

You can see there’s a trend here! This body butter leaves me feeling absolutely delightful, I slather it on after a shower, particularly after shaving, and let it soak into my skin to leave it shiny and smooth. It works to eliminate dry skin which is perfect if you’re in and out of the pool or sea throughout the holiday. Soap & Glory products are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your holiday routine.


Soap & Glory Loufer

I got a small size loufer in a pack of Soap & Glory and it’s perfect to toss in my case and use when showering on holiday. Although it is so small it definitely gets the job done and means you don’t have to sacrifice your normal shower routine just because you’re away from home!

That concludes my travel beauty essentials; I use these products when I go travelling and I hope they’re just as useful for you.