Save/Splurge On Winter Coats

Winter coats can be very expensive investments sometimes and it can be hard to afford just one coat a year, let alone buying multiple. I like to think that I’m pretty good at bargain hunting so I thought I’d help a girl out and find some high street/cheaper  alternatives to more pricier coats. Hopefully there’s a coat for everyone’s budget here; to shop the pieces just click on the link.

This first grey woollen coat by Club Monaco is a very sophisticated style with a wide lapel and tailored finish. The light heather grey colour is very pretty and doesn’t look as harsh, in comparison to a darker grey. The second grey coat from New Look is almost identical to the Club Monaco one but comes in at £521 cheaper! It has incredibly similar design details as the Club Monaco one such as the low pockets and wide collar, but for a much, much lower price.

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The Chanel Shoes That Broke The Internet

Chanel Dupes

I don’t know about you but I’ve seen those Topshop Chanel dupes everywhere (just in case you haven’t I mean these ones). They’re classic, pretty and all round amazing but for someone shopping on a budget paying £39 for a pair of shoes kind of breaks my heart (I’m sorry I’m always a cheapskate deep down!).

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Denim Skirts



Denim skirts have always been a fashion staple but recently I’ve seen them everywhere; they can be styled in so many different ways it’s no surprise that they’re so popular. I’ve collected together my favourite ones that I’ve seen around. As always, click on the images to shop. Continue reading

Nautical Fashion

Nautical inspired fashion has become very big this season; in particular sailor stripe skirts and long navy coats. I think that these kind of pieces always look so undeniably nice, classy and flattering, I adore nautical fashion!

One of the biggest examples I can think of for this particular trend is Gigi Hadid’s collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. Every single piece in the collection is stunning but it’s all so expensive it honestly makes me want to cry (why can’t I be a millionaire?!)

I’m going to talk about my favourite nautical inspired pieces from the collection as well as some cheaper options!


This is probably my favourite piece in the collection, the navy coat. The brass buttons down the front really add a vintage, classic look and the shape of the coat is beyond flattering. The wide collar creates such a chic style and this coat could honestly be paired with anything and everything.


How sailor chic is this? (The answer is 100%). It’s so classy and I think you would actually feel like a sailor after walking round in this all day without even having to step one foot in a boat, which is quite a deal if you ask me. Paired with high waisted jeans, possibly flared, you’ll create a sophisticated yet fun look. You could even add a little bit more eccentricity to the outfit and add a sailor hat to the outfit like Gigi has to create the full nautical look.


If you’re looking for just a splash of nautical glamour in your look then the bodysuit is probably just right. Its simplistic, yet classic, design is so effortlessly chic I love it. Paired with jeans or shorts this bodysuit would look stunning!


This navy and white striped bodysuit from Topshop is still nautical inspired but very wearable. Paired with high waisted jeans or high waisted buttoned shorts you would create a very stylish, sailor inspired outfit.


This kimono style nautical inspired top from ASOS is so beautiful, I love the shape of it! Although this is quite summery the sheer amount of style it gives off is enough to earn it a place in this list.

I’m definitely going to try and take this nautical trend into my autumn/winter wardrobe, it’s honestly one of my favourite styles!

All photos are credit to respective owners (Tommy Hilfiger, Topshop and ASOS)