Why Beige Isn’t Boring


I love beige. Like I love it. It’s such a versatile colour which is perfect for autumn when we turn more towards warmer tones such as brown, beige and red. Somehow, beige has become to be portrayed as a boring colour which washes people out and looks bland but I definitely beg to differ. I think it is a very classy, dignified colour which looks great when it’s worn right.

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Outfit Plans For Autumn


As we transition into autumn it is a perfect time to mix up your wardrobe and add some new pieces. I have made a video on my outfit plans for autumn which will be going live this evening but I thought I’d create a blog post to go alongside it with some shoppable versions of the outfits I refer to.

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Ahh, the dreaded, scary colour that is yellow. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to carry it off without looking like a bumblebee but I know lots of people who can wear it all year round and look stunning. Whilst out shopping yesterday I noticed there seemed to be yellow everywhere – my sister even picked up a yellow bodysuit! This trend doesn’t seem to be stopping going into autumn/winter as I even saw yellow coats so I thought I’d make a ‘what’s trending right now’ post centred around it. As always, click on the images to shop!

This mustard yellow coat is very eye catching and is a very bold way to incorporate the new trend into your wardrobe. This would look stunning layered over a multitude of winter jumpers and great with denim, a very beautiful statement yellow piece for sure. This was actually the piece I saw which inspired this post! Continue reading

Denim Skirts



Denim skirts have always been a fashion staple but recently I’ve seen them everywhere; they can be styled in so many different ways it’s no surprise that they’re so popular. I’ve collected together my favourite ones that I’ve seen around. As always, click on the images to shop. Continue reading


Frills are taking a front seat in fashion this season and they’re practically everywhere you look in the shops. Personally, I love them as they look so girly and pretty but I think they can be brought into every single style, whether you’re a fancy girly girl or someone who prefers to dress more casually. I’ve collected together some of my favourite pieces from popular high street stores, just click on the images to shop!

This gorgeous baby blue dress from New Look is effortlessly classy and fits the frill trend perfectly with the ruffles down the front of the bodice. This dress reminds me of gentle waves and the colour itself is so calming, it’s just so pretty! This dress would be perfect for a summer garden party, or maybe even a wedding if you styled it up properly.

This oversized ruffle top from PrettyLittleThing.com, via ASOS, takes the ruffle trend and takes it to the extreme. The wide, ruffled sleeves are eyecatching and the adjustable, tied waist slims down the silhouette of the piece. This would look gorgeous with some slim line trousers or skinny jeans to make sure that this is the main focus of the outfit.



This stunning ruffled dress from Miss Selfridge is a piece I’ve fallen head over heels in love with; I’ve actually recently bought a similar piece in white and I love this style. It is perfect for all sorts of summer events including garden parties or even something like a wedding. The intricate details on this piece make it just that little bit better and it’s so girly and gorgeous, perfect for the ruffles trend.

Ruffles are a trend I can see extending far into the autumn season as it can be incorporated into both light, summery pieces as well as jumpers and heavier dresses. Have you bought any ruffled pieces recently? Tell me in the comments below.

Clothes That Remind Me Of Freddy

I’ve collected together some items of clothing I’ve seen that remind me of Freddy, or that I think Freddy would wear. As someone who’s incredibly inspired by Freddy’s fashion sense I loved doing this as I’d love to wear these clothes too!

Freddy’s style is very girly and most things she wears are pink, usually a blush or baby pink colour, paired with rose gold accessories as well as silver or white. This colour scheme is so feminine that I really think it reflects her girly, fresh style.

She has a very proper, posh sense of style that I absolutely adore and she often wears Victoriana inspired blouses, pleated skirts or gorgeous day dresses. I’ve collected together clothes I think reflect this style (brace yourself for the pink!)

Blouse – ASOS

Although this blouse is a tiny bit too pink, even for Freddy as she usually goes for a more muted baby pink, I think the shape of it is beautiful. The lace insert around the neck creates a gorgeously elegant Victoriana vibe and the cuffed sleeves keep it very smart looking. This blouse could be paired with either a skirt or nice tailored trousers.

Dress – New Look

This dress is absolutely gorgeous and the white lace and pussybow detail is just so Freddy! Pussybow dresses are effortlessly smart looking and the skater style shape of this skirt make it perfect for twirling around in, making it super girly and pretty. I doubt Freddy would pair it with knee high socks, perhaps tights and boots if she was wearing it in the winter, or slip ons if it’s the summer. Either way this is a beautiful day dress.

Skirt – Forever 21

This button up faux leather skirt is just the right shade of pink to fit Freddy’s style and strikes me as something she’d wear in the spring or summer time for a casual day out. This would look gorgeous paired with blouses or tops and is the perfect blend of girly sophistication and casual fun.

Playsuit – Forever 21

This playsuit is absolutely gorgeous and I can definitely see Freddy wearing this in the summer months, especially if she was on holiday. The scalloped edge adds an extra special, pretty touch which reminds me of softness and petals. This playsuit is so simple yet so classy and I think it would fit right in to Freddy’s wardrobe.

Trousers – New Look

Freddy actually featured a pair of trousers very similar to these in a video not long ago, showing this style is extremely her. The shape of these trousers is extremely smart while the belt around the waist adds a feminine touch. These could be paired with many different tops or blouses to either make the outfit more smart or more casual.

Shoes – Boohoo

These blush coloured suede heels with a wrap around ankle are so gorgeous I’ve fallen in love. These would go perfectly with so many of Freddy’s dresses and outfits (I mean, of course, they’re pink!) These are so classy looking and although they’re a little higher than what she normally seems to wear I think they’re so Freddy.

It’s been so fun picking out clothes that I think match Freddy’s style and I wish I owned them all because everything is so pretty. I hope this post offers inspiration for all those trying to replicate Freddy’s gorgeous girly style and I can’t wait to create more Freddy inspired outfits!

You can find the items I mentioned here…

Blouse – Here
Dress – Here
Skirt – Here
Playsuit – Here
Trousers – Here
Shoes – Here

All pictures belong to respective owners.

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