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I did my last ‘what’s trending right now’ post on the colour yellow but there’s another colour which is equally as in style – red. Classic, pretty and awfully sexy, red never truly goes out of style. I’ve collected my favourite red pieces I’ve seen online and in store and there is also a new addition to my posts – different pieces I’d style them up with. Click on the links to shop!

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Why Is Josie My Style Icon?

Josie, better known as FashionMumblr, is a successful fashion blogger and YouTuber, and one of my biggest inspirations. Both for her sense of style and for the life she has built up through her blog and YouTube channel; someday I hope to be as successful, beautiful and all round inspiring as she is.

Josie’s style is very clean and classy, she often wears white or pastel colours and opts for outfits which cover more, giving her a sophisticated vibe. Her style is so elegant and classy and the white, fresh colour scheme looks pretty, clean and smart. Although I feel I’m a tad too disaster prone to stick to white all the time I have tried to let Josie’s style influence my wardrobe and I’ve invested in more white, flowing pieces.

Not only is her style amazing, Josie’s personality shines through everything she does. She is funny and lovable and not only that she is just so real. She doesn’t cover up parts of her personality to create an ‘Instagram worthy’ life or try and lie to her audience to get more views. One thing I love about watching Josie’s vlogs is that she is always eating and she even joked about it in her latest video about Ibiza, saying that there always seemed to be a portion of chips on her plate. This realistic side of her personality makes her relatable and even more of an inspiration to me.

I’ve included some of my favourite outfit posts of Josie’s from her recent blog posts, of course all photos belong to Josie I’m just using them to show how much I admire her style. The first two photos show white summer dresses, staple pieces in Josie’s wardrobe, as these make up the majority of her summer wardrobe. The delicate lace detail on the second dress is so intricate and pretty, this is a perfect piece for transitioning from day to night as you could wear it with sandals or dress it up with heels.

The second dress, a stunning pink number from True Decadence, is actually one of the dresses I had my eye on for my 18th birthday. When I saw it feature on Josie’s blog I fell even more in love with it and I can honestly say it’s one of the prettiest pieces I’ve ever seen her wear. The next outfit, made up of a pussybow blouse and suedette skirt, is something I would wear on a daily basis as it’s so classy and sophisticated. I’m sure you can clearly see where Josie fits in as my style inspiration.

Josie also includes sleepwear and lingerie on her blog and channel, something which interests me as I want to go into intimate apparel as a job. These gorgeous, silky pyjamas look so luxurious I can’t hide my jealousy. So much of Josie’s wardrobe gives me wardrobe envy, I’m in love with her style! I’m going to create a few more posts centred around Josie as my style icon as she is such an inspiration to me and I’m sure after reading this post you’ve also fallen head over heels for all her amazing pieces.


How To Style: White Jeans

White jeans are a necessity in any wardrobe so it may come as a shock when I tell you that I only recently bought my first ever pair. I’ve been searching for years to no avail but I eventually found this pair in Primark for only £9! Although these weren’t in petite sizing,so ended up being a tiny bit long, but I rolled up the ends and I actually really like the look it creates. The high waist elongates my legs and pulls in my stomach, which is always a good thing, right? White jeans are so popular because they’re just so versatile so I’ve decided to show you how to style them up both for a casual day out or a fancier look for the nighttime.

The first look is definitely a more casual, daytime look; I’d wear this out shopping or to hang out with friends. The pink tones are bang on trend and perfect for summer and white jeans are, of course, permanently in style. A t-shirt and jeans is practically the definition of casual dressing but I’d like to think this outfit still remains very girly and feminine due to the detail, and, of course, the pink.

For this outfit I paired the jeans with this light pink lace detailed top from H&M, this top is a perfect casual piece and an absolute steal at only £8.99. They had a rainbow of colours of this top in store when I was there and I definitely recommend picking a few up because they’re so versatile and the  top is so intricately detailed, it’s gorgeous. 

Of course, my favourite pink brogues, which I’m sure you’re all sick of by now, have made yet another reappearance. It’s not my fault they go with every outfit I own! They’re almost the exact same shade of pink as my top in this outfit, what a pair!

For a fancier, nighttime look I swapped the t shirt for a wrap-around cropped top; this was only £9.99 from H&M and it is absolutely gorgeous! The colours in it are so vibrant and perfect for the summer time and the cut of the top is just so flattering. It emphasises cleavage and the bow at the back is a really pretty detail.

Heels, for me, are a necessity for a night out and these black stilettos area perfect basic pair that everyone should own. Mine are a couple of years old but there are plenty of alternative options from almost every shop there is! Heels help make the legs look even longer, this outfit is incredibly flattering.

I actually found this bag at a small stall in my local shopping centre so I’m unable to link it but it’s just so gorgeous I had to include it. It’s the perfect size to fit in everything I need, it’s become my new best friend.

Make sure to head over to my YouTube channel to watch the video for these looks!

Outfit One

Pink lace detail top

White jeans – unable to tag because Primark are yet to have all their products online!

Pink brogues – unable to tag because Primark are yet to have all their products online!

Outfit Two

Black floral top

White jeans – unable to tag because Primark are yet to have all their products online!

Black heels – I’ve tagged some alternatives!

Sheer Clothes

Everywhere you look in the shops currently there are sheer clothes on every single rail! The trend is so pretty and sexy in a tasteful, classy way and it’s a great way to incorporate the underwear as outerwear trend into your look by pairing a sheer top with a bralette. I’ve collected a few of my favourites that I’ve seen on the high street and online which I think really showcase the trend the best. 

First up is this gorgeous sheer floral dress from, the colours in this are absolutely beautiful. This is the perfect Spring time dress as it’s just so light and pretty. The midi length is an extremely flattering, sexy length and I really like the way the sheer material carries on beyond the pink underdress. So, so pretty!

This sheer, polka dot bardot top is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the summertime. It looks so light and easy to move in and would look amazing paired with jeans or denim shorts. This looks so clean and relaxed, I absolutely love it! I do really like bardot tops, though they do tend to pop up over my shoulders which can get quite annoying. 

This top captures the underwear as outerwear trend perfectly as it showcases any bras or bralettes you put underneath it. The frills are right on trend and this too could be paired with so many things it is extremely versatile and in style. The grey colour has an almost violet tinge and the polka dot detail adds a delicate edge. 

This gorgeous, gorgeous dress is perfect if you’re not feeling brave enough to take the sheer clothing trend head on. The delicate, sheer sleeves add a little splash of intricate detail across the top of the dress and the baby blue colour is so pretty and perfect; I think I’ve fallen in love!

I think this small collection of clothes showcases the sheer clothing trend which is just so in right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick something up like this to add to my own wardrobe sometime soon.

Primark Haul


I’ve put up a video on my YouTube channel showing off all the clothes I got from Primark the last couple of times I’ve been and thought I’d write a blog post to offer a bit more information on what I picked up.


Blouse: £6

This gorgeous white sleeveless blouse would look perfect with high waisted shorts or a skirt. The frills down the front are definitely on trend and this creates a perfectly classy, beautiful look. The short sleeves with frilly edge are really feminine and I can think of so many outfits to put this blouse into.


Jeans: £9

I’ve been searching for so long for the perfect pair of white jeans that aren’t too see through or wide, particularly round the ankle. This pair from Primark are perfect and their gorgeous high waist is extremely flattering; I’ve never found jeans from Primark that suit me before but these are simply lovely!


Trousers: £9

I’m not usually a trousers person I’ve got to admit so I was quite hesitant buying these but I was pleasantly surprised. These really lengthen my leg (which is amazing if you’re only 5’2!) and they look so tailored to be so cheap. I may have actually been converted to the trouser life, can you believe it?


Playsuit: £6

This gorgeous light coloured floral playsuit is perfect for the summer time and at only £6 it’s an absolute steal! You could wear this in the daytime or style it up for the nighttime, it’s just so cute.


Playsuit: £6 

This is another £6 playsuit and it’s just as gorgeous. The Bardot top makes it perfect for summer as it shows off a little skin whilst remaining classy and pretty. The colours in this are so vibrant I think it’s simply beautiful.


Pyjamas: £10 set / £5 each

I’m sorry but how adorable is this pyjama set? I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when I saw these, they look such good quality and so, so fancy. The lace trimming and gorgeous, silky material is just perfect and I feel so beautiful wearing them.

Lingerie: £10 set / £5 each

I’m a self confessed lingerieaholic so it came as no surprise that I couldn’t resist buying this gorgeous set. The tan coloured lace is to die for and the intricately detailed racerback left me fangirling (just a tiny, tiny bit I promise). The bottoms are a thong which is always handy when you don’t want any knicker lines to show through if you’re wearing tight clothes; I just love this set! (Head over to my haul video to have a look at this set!)


Brogues: £8

These brogues were mentioned in my April Wishlist and I finally got them! They’re just as beautiful as I’d hoped theyd be and it’s definitely fair to say that I’ve fallen in love. They’re so slim fitting, which is a life saver if you have skinny feet like me, and they look so high end. Perfect shoes for lots of my pretty pink outfits!

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Designer Handbag Wishlist

So, as you can see, this isn’t a wishlist of the month, this is a general wishlist all about designer handbags, because who doesn’t have a secret designer shopping list in their head? Designer handbags are renowned for their quality, establishment in the fashion world and their ability to be timelessly stylish. Unfortunately, they’re also about a million pounds out of my price range which makes actually purchasing one near impossible but a girl can dream. I’ve compiled a list of my top designer handbags that, hopefully far off in my dream world where I’m living in Paris and able to emmerse myself in fashion for a living, will be in my wardrobe.

No designer handbag wishlist would be complete without the classic Chanel bag. The timeless black quilted design and gold chain handle will be in style forever and the bag is just so effortlessly chic that I can’t help but pine for it.

Price: £3840-£4830

This take on the classic Chanel bag comes with the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Everything about this bag is perfect from the beige, pink colour to the ornate Chanel clasp, the light colour would suit my wardrobe more than the classic black Chanel bag. Help, I think I’ve fallen in love!

Price: £3990

This gorgeous Burberry reversible tote bag is so beautiful, especially in this elderberry colour, but it’s also extremely practical as it has no pockets so it’s great for lots of storage; the perfect shopping bag!

Price: £775


The Michael Kors Mercer Large Leather Tote bag is beautiful and spacious. It comes in a variety of colours but this light brown, acorn colour is probably my favourite. I feel like this colour would work perfectly in the Autumn time but the bag design is so simple yet amazing that it would work all year round.

Price: £315 

No designer handbag wishlist would be complete without the Chloé Drew bag. I just couldn’t choose between these two beautiful colours. The peachy nude colour would fit in more with my wardrobe but I couldn’t help but fall in love with the gorgeous peacock blue.

Price: £1140

That concludes my very concise designer handbag wishlist. I’m sure there are many, many more beautiful bags I’d love to own but these are my ultimate favourites, they’re all beautiful beyond compare and I dream of the day I may own even just one of them.

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How My Style Changed And Why I Feel So Much More Confident

Fashion is very individual and each person sees it in a slightly different way. That’s one of the things I love most about fashion; it means something different to everyone and every single person has their own unique style. Fashion is used as a way of expressing yourself whether that’s through keeping up with trends or striking out on your own and starting them yourself. I have always been interested in fashion but I admit for a while I didn’t truly appreciate its true meaning. I didn’t dress to represent myself, I dressed how I thought I should dress to impress other people and honestly, it kind of made me feel down. Feeling confident and loving what you wear is an important part of life and I don’t think that message is brought home enough, so I’m going to talk about it today.

When I reached my teenage years everyone around me began to dress much more grown up; gone were the days of summer dresses and little doodles shoes (goodness me I adored them, I remember my favourite pair were ones with glittery strawberries on). At first I felt completely out of my depth, I didn’t feel ready to wear crop tops and revealing clothes but I was made to feel like a fool if I didn’t. When you’re thirteen being made to feel like you’re way behind all your peers is never going to make you feel good so I rushed to find clothes to match the other girls in my year. As a result I ended up wearing outfits that were much too old for me and gave off a message I was far too young to understand.

Let’s face it, if you go out in revealing clothes you will get a reaction. I remember I once went out to a concert in a bralette and short, tight skirt and on the way there a van full of fully grown men stopped to wolf whistle and make comments. Apart from the obvious fear I had a strange sense of achievement, I’m hesitant to admit that it made me feel a little proud. It felt good to know that people were reacting to me and my body, that was hardly covered, in that way. At a time when every teenage girl needs reassurance about what she looks like I could get attention by wearing clothes that showed me off, so I began to do it more and more.

Looking back now, it was wrong. I was dressing this way purely to show off my body and get that kind of reaction, I wanted to flaunt it and be sexy but I was too naive to understand how to do that in a safe, mature way. Nowadays I can go out practically covered from head to toe in blouses, skirts, tights and cardigans and I still feel sexy and empowered. Now when people look at me I know they are appreciating the clothes I’m wearing for all the right reasons, because I look pretty yet still classy. The looks I get now are much more satisfying than those randy eyed men of before, now I’m met with smiles and people simply admiring me with respect.

I’m not saying don’t dress in revealing clothes or dress like your friends, in fact if that is what makes you feel sexy and empowered then go for it, wear your style. For me, dressing to make me feel confident now means dressing very classy in an almost prim and proper fashion which is so far removed from what I used to find myself in. You shouldn’t have to dress to impress other people just so you can feel good. If what you’re wearing is sending off a vibe that makes you feel uncomfortable then it’s okay to admit you don’t want to wear it. What you feel confident in may not be what every expects you to wear, and that’s okay, because being unique is the best way to be beautiful.

Be your own kind of beautiful!

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