Clothes That Remind Me Of Josie


As a continuation of my posts on Josie Fear (otherwise known as FashionMumblr) as my style icon I’ve made a collection of clothes which remind me of her. She has an incredibly feminine and classy style, which has become a major inspiration for my own style, and she never fails to look amazing. In autumn and winter time Josie dresses very snuggly and warm whilst wearing neutral colours so I’ve picked out pieces which suit this style; all the pieces I’ve selected are shoppable, just click on the links.



One of Josie’s go-to pieces in autumn is a classic cream knit, which is of course a wardrobe staple at this time of year. I’m in love with the bow detail jumper she has from Club Monaco as it is just so beautiful. This first jumper is rather classic and plain but the addition of the bow detail on the sleeves is a very delicate touch which makes it look a lot more high end. The second jumper has a ruffle detail across the front of the jumper, Josie owns lots of clothes with ruffles on and it is a very pretty trend, which I also like to wear.



One of the trends that Josie wears quite often at this time of year, which I’m completely in love with, is wearing capes. I’m currently on the lookout for a cape for myself as I think it’s such a sophisticated look. The one Josie is wearing is this one from Coast, which I think makes her look like Belle in Beauty and the Beast when she’s having a snowball fight with the Beast (I’m really hoping you all understand that reference!). However, that one is a little out of my price range so I’ve found a more affordable faux fur alternative from ASOS, which is currently on sale for £55, in a pink colour. I’ve also found a more neutral coloured one from which is more wearable for on a daily basis; this would definitely tie in with Josie’s neutral colour palette.



Josie loves to wear over the knee boots in the winter time and I think this gorgeous nude pink pair would fit perfectly into her wardrobe as they’re a very classy and feminine colour. The fact that these come in half sizes is very useful as over the knee boots are shoes that you need to fit you perfectly, as you don’t want to have to keep adjusting them; they’re also only £50! This second pair have a much flatter heel, which isn’t something you see often on over the knee boots, but does make them a lot more practical (maybe for when Josie is out walking Dexter and Dickens?); the colour is so gorgeous and the rusty tone would blend with lots of the colours I’ve seen in Josie’s wardrobe this autumn.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that you have been as inspired by Josie’s fashion as I am. Any photos which I’ve used from any of Josie’s social media accounts belong to Josie herself, I am just using them to showcase my love for her style.

If you don’t already, you should follow Josie:

YouTube – here // Blog – here // Instagram – here // Twitter – here

Love Chloe x

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