Outfit Under £40 – The Perfect Summer Outfit


Yes, I know for the rest of the world jeans aren’t perfect for summer but this is Britain okay? Recently the summer has been more like winter and I’ve had to adapt. With a brief bit of sunshine I ran out into my garden and took some much needed blog photos in this really pretty outfit.



This adorable white broderie anglaise top from SheIn.com is the perfect addition to my wardrobe – it’s cute, pretty and elegant whilst still looking summery. I particularly love the delicate sleeves; this reminds me of something I’d wear when I was little as it’s just so cute!



These jeans are actually from the 915 section from New Look – petite girl life hack shop in the kids section, I mean it! These jeans were only £16 as I managed to nab them in the sale, but they’re only fractionally more expensive at £20 when full price. Shops like New Look’s ‘kids sections’ are hardly aimed at little kids and honestly more often than not have very similar things to the women’s section but at cheaper prices (and who wouldn’t want that?!). I’d say these sections would fit people up to about an adult size 10 (I’m a size 4/6 wearing age 11) so why not give it a try?



These Toms shoes dupes from Primark were only £4! They’re a cute lace pattern and easy to pair with lots of outfits. My sunglasses are also from Primark and were only £2 – they have a wide range of sunnies for £1.50-£3 at the minute so I’d go have a browse.

I’m also wearing my Pandora princess ring which unfortunately does not fit the £40 budget (the ring alone costs more than the rest of the outfit awkward…) but you can buy it here.

So, what was the total expenditure for this outfit?

Top – £10.13

Jeans – £19.99 (full price)

Shoes – £4

Sunglasses – £2

Total – £36.12

That comes in under my £40 budget which is always good! This is a practical, summer outfit, which could be carried into autumn time, all for an extremely low budget. Follow my blog for more help on looking beautiful on a budget!

Love Chloe x



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