Why It’s Important To Treat Yourself


You are a very important person and making sure that you’re well looked after should be the number one priority in your life. Everyone needs a little treating every now and then, here’s why it’s important.


Having a lazy day isn’t embarrassing, let’s admit it, we all need one sometime. A day spent relaxing, pampering yourself and doing what you enjoy is a necessity as it helps you switch off and stop stressing about work or school.


When relaxing I love to pop a film on, nestle down in an armchair wrapped up in a blanket in my pyjamas and spend a couple of hours chilling with my sister. Films offer sweet escapism from everyday life and can transport you away; this is very important when it comes to relaxing. If I’m not in the mood for a film my go to TV show has got to be Friends, I swear I’ve watched every episode at least five times by now! It’s got to the point that I reference Friends almost on a daily basis, oops…


Another favourite relaxing pastime of mine has to be reading. I’ve always loved reading since I was very little, my favourite genres have to be fantasy and romance; you just can’t beat a good old love story. Here I’m actually reading a book about Coco Chanel, Gospel According To Coco Chanel, which I really recommend. This book feels like someone is sat across from you casually walking you through Chanel’s life, I’ve never read a book like it, it’s so personal and friendly (if that makes sense). You should definitely pick up a copy!


Adding a splash of colour into your life by painting your nails is sometimes all it takes to feel a little happier. I’ve chosen this baby pink colour (surprise, surprise) by Barry M. I love this nail polish as it’s fast drying and only needs a couple of coats for long lasting, vibrant colour.



Treating yourself also means looking after yourself. Looking after your body includes caring for your skin and to do this I love to use the AVON Black Mineral Mask as it cleans my face, clears my pores and leaves my skin super soft. As someone who struggles with skin problems cleansing my skin is very important and is an integral part of looking after myself.

Products featured in this post:

Pyjamas – Primark (See them feature in my Primark Haul here) // Kimono – Primark // AVON Black Mineral Mask – here // Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in shade Rose Hip – here // Gospel According To Coco Chanel by Karen Karbo – here

Having a little me time is definitely important, what’s your favourite way of relaxing? Tell me in the comments below!

Love Chloe x



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