July Wishlist

The summer solstice has been and gone and now it is officially summertime! Over the past couple of weeks in the UK we’ve had an extremely hot heatwave, with temperatures reaching up to 35 degrees and the summer clothes have definitely made a big reappearance.

1. Denim shorts

Denim shorts are a necessity for anybody’s summer wardrobe and they’re the easiest things to just throw on on holiday with any vest top or t-shirt and make an instant outfit. The current pair in my wardrobe are an acid wash, high waisted pair which don’t really suit my style anymore so I’m looking to invest in a light denim pair to match my new, brighter wardrobe.

2. A bikini cover-up

A bikini cover-up not only lets you feel more covered and classy round the pool it also protects your skin, which for someone with a very fair complexion is very important! Preferably I want a white one as this will go with the majority of my swimsuits and bikinis.

3. Brown sandals

Brown gladiator style sandals would go perfectly with summer dresses, playsuits and many other summer outfits whilst looking very fashionable and chic. Recently I’ve been leaning more towards sandals over flip-flops as they’re more secure which is better for walking around on daytrips on holiday or down the beach.

So, what did I manage to find from my June wishlist?

I haven’t managed to find a plain pair of white heels, which is quite annoying as I feel they would be staple pieces in my wardrobe as a lot of the clothes I wear are white or other pastel colours. My sister kindly lent me her pair of block heels in white and mint green which I can wear with a gorgeous dress I picked up from ASOS, which I’m sure will feature on my blog at some point. I’m still on the hunt for a plain pair of white block heels, I’ll update you if I find a pair!

In terms of occasion wear I have picked up a couple of dresses, though a couple of them wouldn’t really be suitable for daywear. I would say I’ve partway achieved this goal as I still need to invest in a few more wearable pieces.

After being inspired by Freddy Cousin-Brown’s new obsession with neck ties I decided to look for some myself but I’m yet to find my perfect one. However, when I mentioned the idea to my mom she got very excited as it turns out she has a large collections of scarves and neck ties in her wardrobe which I’m going to have a rummage through very soon.

That covers everything from last month’s wishlist, more next month!


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