Makeup Bag Essentials

I’m going to talk you through all of my holy grail beauty products that you’ll always find in my makeup bag from primer to eyeliner. I use makeup on a daily basis whether that for school or going out and I use the majority of these products each and every day.

Before I begin my makeup I always put lip balm on to make sure my lips stay hydrated, my favourite is the Nivea Soft Rosé as it keeps my lips feeling soft but also smells heavenly. The first time I used this I was actually about six years old and I remember being obsessed by this little pink ‘lipstick’ my mom had bought me! Years later who would have known I’d refind it and be unable to live without it. I actually ended up using this particular lip balm again because I’d run out of strawberry Chapstick and couldn’t seem to find it  anywhere, so I decided to revert to this old favourite, and I’m so glad I did. Although I do love Chapstick I feel like the Nivea lip balms are even more hydrating, perfect for healthy lips.

To make sure I have a perfect base for my makeup I use the Barry M Flawless Colour Correcting Primer, it has a green colour to it which is perfect for balancing out redness in the skin, which if you have spot prone skin like me which can often get aggravated, is perfect. I pair this primer with the Maybelline Super Stay foundation, I had been using a different type of this foundation, the Super Stay Better Skin, but after being unable to find this in my local Superdrug or Boots I turned to the original Super Stay formula. It definitely does what it says on the bottle and stays in place all day, the only criticism I have is that it does change colour slightly which can get quite annoying, but the formula is very complimentary so I feel like it will be in my makeup bag for quite a while.

Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder comes everywhere with me (so please ignore the rather battered packaging!) and it has been my favourite powder for as long as I can remember. It blurs all my imperfections whilst adding that little touch of extra coverage that I always look for from my makeup. A definite essential!

My little sister got me a W7 set of a few different palettes for my birthday last year and I’ll be the first to shout its praises as an incredibly affordable yet amazing makeup brand. The Cheeky Trio face palette is my holy grail for everyday bronzer and blusher. I don’t tend to use the highlighter for actual highlighter as I prefer a shimmer highlighter but do occasionally use it as a face powder if I’ve got a little tanned as it is fairly yellow toned. My favourite part of The Cheeky Trio definitely has to be the blusher as its coral colour is just so flattering, I’m in love!

To get that chiselled contour I turn to the Revolution Ultra Contour Palette as I think it offers the perfect contour shade for my skin tone. Makeup Revolution is a brand I’ve been loving ever since it started to appear on the high street and the contour palette is no exception.

My all time favourite highlighter has to be the Pink Lights highlighter from Makeup Revolution, it adds the perfect shimmering touch to my makeup and the colour is just so pretty. I originally got this highlighter in a makeup advent calendar and I’ve loved it ever since.

My current favourite eyeshadow palette (as I’m sure you can tell from the fact that I’ve hit pan!) is The Blushed Nudes palette from Maybelline. The colours suit me, my colouring and the colours of my clothes perfectly. I can make so many everyday makeup looks from this one palette and as it’s very small it’s also very travel friendly.

The two eyeliners I turn to are the Avon Super Extend eyeliner and the Helen E Cosmetics eyeliner in Soft Black. I use the Super Extend liquid eyeliner to create my winged eyeliner as the felt tip pen style is very easy to use to make that perfect flick. I use the Helen E eyeliner to fill in my waterline as it is very soft and pigmented. This combination makes my eyeliner stay on all day and I think it’s great.

I tried out this mascara after seeing it recommended online by beauty bloggers and I’m so glad I did. This mascara shapes, darkens, volumises and lengthens my lashes so that they frame my eyes very well. I’ve been using this mascara for about a year and I love it.

I love lip liner especially as I find it hard to perfectly fill in my lips with lipstick, so lip liner is very useful to give me a guide to stick to. My two favourites have to be the Avon Ultra Glimmerstick which I have in quite a few colours and the Collection lip liner which I also have in multiple colours, but my favourite has to be the Nude Pink shade, it has a slightly terracotta colour to it and I love it.

The finishing touch to any look is, of course, lipstick. Here are my two favourite high end lip products, Midi by Colourpop and Velvet Teddy by MAC. Midi is a gorgeous pink nude shade and its great matte formula could honestly survive anything, I’ll put it on and it is still there hours and hours later. Velvet Teddy is a much more nourishing formula and also a very beautiful colour. It is the classic MAC lipstick to buy and I’m very glad I have it in my collection.

Of course the majority of my lipstick collection is much more affordable and for bargain makeup my two favourites have to be the Collection lipstick in Rose or the Avon lipstick, which I have too many to count! For an everyday look my favourite would have to be Frozen Rose for that subtle pink tint.

That sums up my makeup essentials, I honestly wouldn’t be able to survive without these products in my makeup bag and I’d recommend each and every single one.


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