What I Learnt At A MAC Masterclass

You can never stop learning new things about makeup as it is an ever expanding art form but I was quite dubious of whether I’d be taught anything brand new and life changing as I walked into a MAC beginners masterclass. I wouldn’t describe myself as a beginner with makeup but the class actually turned out to be a very good experience, I even got chosen to be a model for the makeup artist to work on! So, what did I learn?

1. Stippling brushes should be washed after every use

If you’re anything like me then the thought of washing your brushes after every single use is mind-blowing information. I think everyone admits to putting off washing their makeup brushes, with most people washing them once monthly on average, though it is extremely easy to procrastinate what is actually an essential task. Going round the class it was agreed that monthly was the average so when we were told that brushes, stippling/duo fibre brushes in particular, needed to be washed after every use to work to their full advantage my jaw wasn’t the only one dropping. So, after feeling incredibly shocked and a tad dubious of touching up my powder with what suddenly struck me as a very dirty brush, I made a mental note to get scrubbing!

2. You can make a homemade brush cleaner solution

I’ve discovered that you can make an incredibly effective homemade brush cleaner using things that everyone has in their cupboards. Combining a little Fairy washing up liquid with oil, like olive oil or something similar, makes a very simple brush cleanser. Shampoo can also be used to clean brushes, they are made from hairs after all! In the same way conditioner can actually be used to soften up brushes that have gone a little stiff.

3. MAC Fix + Spray is NOT for fixing!

Surely I’m not the only one who thought that MAC Fix + Spray, which is seemingly a staple piece in every Youtuber’s makeup collection, was a setting spray? A product with ‘fix’ in the title would be enough to make anyone believe that it does just that, fix makeup in place, but that actually isn’t its role. Fix + Spray is actually a hydrating mist for the face designed to put hydration back into dry, worn out skin or to brighten up your face to get a dewy look. It doesn’t make your makeup last any longer so if you’re looking for that then you’re going to have to find an alternative setting spray.

4. You should put the mascara on your bottom lashes first

People with long lashes know the struggle of putting mascara on the top lashes then when you’re looking up to put the bottom lash layer on the mascara goes all over your eyelid. It actually makes much more sense to put the mascara on your bottom lashes first but it had never occurred to me. There’s one makeup struggle solved; no more smudgy black eyelids for me!

5. Store gels on their lid

You should store gels, such as gel eye liners, on their lids so that the oil within the product can flow down to the top of the product. This should help the product to not dry up and therefore last longer saving product and money in the process!

I’d really recommend a MAC masterclass as it was a fun experience with a great group of people; it was a lovely, relaxed atmosphere and I learnt lots of new little things about makeup. My sister and I had a great afternoon together and I hope these tips and tricks I pass on to you help you too.

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9 thoughts on “What I Learnt At A MAC Masterclass

  1. SaidaChahid. May 15, 2017 / 8:52 pm

    Such a great class! Even I learned from your blogpost and I wasn’t even there. By the way, you looked great! Cute shoes. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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