May Wishlist

Is it too optimistic to claim that the summer weather has arrived? Either way, as a classic British person I have reacted to the one ray of sunshine that has graced us and decided to whip out my summer dresses and sandals. Trust me, living in a country that is almost constantly raining has taught me that any sunshine constitutes a summer’s day. So I’m on the look out for some great summer pieces to really show off the fact that the sun has finally arrived!

1. Tailored shorts

I’ve been planning out some looks for summer lookbooks and with the change in my style I’ve decided my summer short collection needs an update. At the minute my shorts are mainly denim and don’t particularly suit my new prim and proper fashion sense. So instead, this year I’ve decided to try and find some tailored shorts, preferably with a bow to tie them up round the waist and a high waist. These look so classy and I can imagine them fitting in perfectly with the rest of my new, better wardrobe.

2 . Camisole tops 

When thinking what to pair with these shorts I hope to buy, my immediate thought was a silky cami top with lace details. Paired with those shorts I think that this would create an extremely classy, sophisticated outfit while the material would be great for keeping you cool throughout the summer months.

So, what did I manage to find from my April wishlist?

I’m yet to return to Primark to try and find those pink brogues but I’ve got my heart set on them so they’ll definitely be in my wardrobe some time soon (as long as they don’t sell out, fingers crossed!) I’ve got some white Toms style slip ons which go great with summer dresses though so I have managed to find some flat shoes!

I’ve bought a lovely navy floral playsuit from Primark and I’m still on the hunt for day dresses. H&M had some lovely ones for only £9-£15; I was in shock! Unfortunately they didn’t have my size for the one I really wanted on the rail and I was in a bit of a rush so didn’t have time to go asking staff but next time I’m out shopping I’m heading straight there.

That covers everything from last month’s wishlist, more next month!


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