Embroidered Everything

Embroidery has hit the fashion world by storm this season and, like many fashion lovers, I’ve fallen in love with it. I’ll admit I wasn’t too sure at first; it’s a bold trend that’s very 90s inspired which is a style I don’t usually carry off very well. I typically dress very prim and proper, which this style definitely isn’t, but I actually really like it.

Whether it’s embroidered jeans, sheer tops with embroidered details or shoes with embroidered heels I’m attracted to the intricate detail they have and this trend is a real winner in my eyes. I’ve collected some of my favourite embroidered pieces I’ve seen in the shops that I think really capture the trend.

Cardigan – New Look
I really like the intricate detail on this cardigan and the fact that even though it is so heavily adorned with embroidery it still manages to look incredibly comfortable. I like the blend of colours used in the embroidery as it’s very soft on the eye while still using very bold, vibrant colours. It’s very wearable as you could through this on over a top and jeans or even with a day dress so converts the trend into a very casual style.

Shirt – Forever 21
This shirt showcases the embroidered trend in a very subtle, pretty way. I think floral embroidery is the most common, pretty way to show off this trend as shown here on the collar. This is perfect for those who don’t want to be too over the top with the embroidery as this isn’t too in your face or brave. This would look nice tucked into a pair of jeans or even with a red skirt.

Skirt – New Look
The embroidered skirts I’ve seen have always looked incredibly pretty, I actually own a skirt that’s very similar to this one. The floral embroidery on this is so feminine and detailed I really like it, especially the pink and baby blue colour scheme. This would look pretty paired with blouses or even a top and cardigan.

This trend seems to be gaining popularity and as it’s so versatile I can see it continuing far into summer and perhaps even Autumn. It is such a pretty, yet strong, trend and I love it!

You can find the products I’ve mentioned here:

Cardigan – Here
Shirt – Here
Skirt – Here

All photos belong to respective owners.


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