Why Is Freddy My Style Icon?

Freddy Cousin-Brown, also known as FreddyMyLove, is a Youtuber and blogger from England (like me!). I’ve been following her for ages and from the moment I watched her first video I fell in love with her classy sense of style; it’s out of this world. Everything she wears makes her look so sophisticated, girly and pretty, I wish I could just have her entire wardrobe!

I’ve attached some photos of my favourite outfits that she’s posted online, of course all photos belong to Freddy, I’m just using them to showcase her fabulous fashion sense.


Playsuits are literally my favourite things in the world and this one is just so gorgeous. The pale pink background is perfect for summer (although I agree with Freddy, pink can definitely be worn all year round). The contrasting dark coloured floral pattern still keeps it girly while adding detail and depth to the piece. Pairing the playsuit with sunglasses keeps it so effortlessly beautiful, this outfit is simply perfect for heading to the beach!


I love, love, love this Burberry coat and scarf. They’re both beyond beautiful and paired together just look absolutely amazing. This look is actually quite simple, especially with the plain white dress, but with such statement pieces that doesn’t matter. The simplicity and coordination of this outfit ties it all together. I’ve actually got a coat similar to this one, unfortunately it’s not Burberry…maybe someday!


This outfit just proves that pink can be worn throughout the winter season in the form of this gorgeously girly pink coat (it just looks so soft!). The fur collar and pink buttons down the front add subtle details to make this coat extra special. This will definitely make you stand out throughout the winter season but I think Freddy pulls it off perfectly.


This is probably my favourite outfit that Freddy has ever worn. I adore the colours, the eggshell blue is so classic and beautiful. I’ve probably said beautiful far too many times this post, but it’s true! The silky shorts look so classy and really remind of the 1950s, especially with the large bow at the front. The dusky rose of the shorts and blue of the top and bag work perfectly together to create a muted, yet still summery, colour scheme. Everything about the outfit is perfect; from the lace trim of the top to the gorgeous gold trim on the bag. Ahh I just love it!

I’m sure you can see why I have completely fallen in love with Freddy’s impeccable sense of style and her adorable outfits. Honestly my goal in life is to dress as classy and perfect as she does. I’ll be making more posts about Freddy Cousin-Brown as my style icon including clothing that I think suit her style and an outfit I will put together inspired by her, they’ll all be coming soon! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

Here are Freddy’s social media accounts:

YouTube – FreddyMyLove
Instagram – freddycousinbrown
Twitter – FreddyMyLovee
Snapchat – FreddyMyLovee


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