What’s Trending Right Now – Autumn/Fall 2016

This autumn is all about different fabrics and textures to really add that special touch to your outfit; go for satin, silk, velvet and leather to really stay on trend. At the minute I’m looking for a gorgeous satin slip dress, which also incorporates the popular look of underwear as outerwear. As someone who hopes to design lingerie in the future this trend is especially exciting for me as I find underwear just so intricate and beautiful and now you’re telling me I can wear it as clothes? Perfect!

Dress – Lipsy

Dress – PrettyLittleThing.com

Skirt – New Look

Dress – PrettyLittleThing.com
I’ve attached pictures of some pieces that are currently on sale in different stores that suit this trend completely. Velvet dresses always look extremely classy and luxurious whilst being irresistible to touch (it’s just so soft!). This particular one from Lipsy also has a gorgeous open back with bow detail which takes it to a whole other level. Satin is a bit more provocative than velvet whilst remaining classy and sophisticated, also the shape of slip dresses is also so complementary to any body shape, the dusky pink colour of this one from PrettyLittleThing.com is just stunning. I adore little mini skirts and, thankfully, they’re all the rage this season. This leather one from the ever amazing New Look is just stunning, I like the fact that it’s quite plain without any zips or buckles so that it can be paired with a large variety of things. I’d personally pair this with a plain coloured jumper, tights and ankle boots to keep you warm but always looking chic in the colder months to come. The silky floor length dress, again from PrettyLittleThing.com, is just so stunning I had to include it; it’s perfect for any parties throughout this season, perhaps paired with a cream or champagne fur coat. Plus, it’s certainly going to make you feel like a princess walking round in it!

Here is where to find all the products I mentioned:
Velvet dressHere!
Satin dressHere!
Leather skirtHere!
Silky dressHere!

(All photo credit to owners)


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